The Janissary

As a computer contract consultant (mercenary), I am the Janissary.
I have actually been fully employed for over a decade, however, I'm still open to side contracts.
I am known in most circles as Captain Salek, Sutai.

IKV Melota Home Page       This was the Official IKV Melota home page from 2000 to early 2009. As of 2013 it is the official web page again.

My personal home page       This is hearth and home stuff.

As of 0509.18, this site is undergoing a massive rebuild due to external demands to remove material. Old videos may be unavailable. New videos are always being added.

As of 0708.22, the above note is still true. Various videos shall remain unavailable. However, the new problem is moving from a Winders host to a Linux host. With Linux hosts being case sensitive, many links, images and pages will not connect until I can edit and rename the miss-cased pages. Please bear with as this could take months to correct.

As of 0904.05, I am no longer Communications Officer of the IKV Melota and the IKV Melota pages that I have maintained for some 10 years are now being a LEGACY website. Please enjoy the new and improved IKV Melota Official Pages as well as returning to the old LEGACY pages maintained here by myself as I have some 10 years invested in them. I shall start concentrating on bringing back an actual Janissaries page as well as pages about another club to which I belong.

As of 1302.17. after two failed experiments, this site is again becoming the official IKV Melota web site. Neither replacement Commo Officer built up the replacement website beyond a front page.

      Still one of the best games.

This is here for Good Citizens of Texas, as well as the Glory of the Empire.