AER: IKVD/IKVQV Tournament, 2008

This weekend the combined ships IKV Deliverance and the IKV Qin Vagh held a "Tournament and Feast". (Yeah, that may be a claim held by a downtown Dallas affaire, but they choreograph their fights.) I understand that representatives from five ships and two states attended. There were un-choreographed Tournament combat events to win, Ceremonies, and the ultimate feast.

First off, by mutual consent, Edsel Murphy was awarded First Blood. Regardless of who you were, or how you go there, something went bloody wrong*. It was almost VWV revisited with doofus things going wrong. But, we all got there. Wet or dry, we got there.

*(My Karmann was loaded to go, and froze the right front wheel bearing.)
*(I'm not the only one that was rodent-intercoursed by Edsel Murphy this weekend.)

Tents were set up Friday night. Fellowship was made, had, and enjoyed. Murphy was cussed.

A beautiful dawn brought on a perfect day. Not to hot for armor. Not to cold for comfort. The sun was out most of the day unlike the day(s) of arrival (and leaving).

*(I get a call that my last surviving grandparent, who lived about 2 hours away, died earlier that morning. Due to timing, arrangements to be made and so forth, I have no immediate reason to leave the Tournament.)

A few not so in shape and out of practice Warriors entered the Ring for a really darn good day of fighting. Nobody was hurt. No blood was drawn. Everybody had a great time. The Tournament was the full fair of Batleth / Mekleth / Daqtag / Freestyle. Ultimately, a unique event occurred in that there were no sweeps! Each Class was taken by a different Winner. Win / Place / Show did not reflect one dominate Warrior. The Honor was spread evenly throughout the participants.
I shall defer to the organizers to report the actual winning names and positions. That Honor should be theirs.

*(The propane and water quit working in the trailer. CF gets the water going, though. Murphy is cussed, again.)

We had a great afternoon of shooting breezes and bulls.

More mundanes arrived to spectate.

*(Oh, the sunburns that I saw!)

I personally wish to thank Spike for the opportunity to armor up and go against him in the Ring as a demonstration for the latecoming mundanes. His Word was his Bond to not damage me. He is an excellent instructor who is about to test for a level of Brown Belt. (Sorry, I do not remember which.) I had a great challenge as I *attempted* to make full contact with him to little avail. His blows were survivable as promised. It was the most exciting challenge that I have ever faced in the Ring and sincerely I hope that it was not the last. The brutality was beyond that which we normally face in the Ring. Our Tournament Rules to not allow bare hands or kicking. It was, as Dragen noted long ago, a whole different level from mere practice. This was my first opportunity to forsake weapons and even attempt hand2hand since dealing with my juvenile delinquint brother lifetimes ago. This was truly fast and furious with my opponent being both and me only pretending such. My poor, out of shape body ran its NiCads down while Spike was still very much ready for more. Kai! Spike! Kahless! I woke up the next morning SOOOO sore!!!!

We all slobbered while John Web slaved over hot coals to cook the Feast. Wild targh, bow shot tresspassing. Dir, acquired in various manners. Chik'n cooked with beer enemas. Tater salad! Beans. Sauces! Thank you, TangQa in your necessary absence for supplying/supporting this Tournament. I understand that others may be responsible for supporting the cooking. Thank you, too.

And, then there was the Feast.

Ceremonies are an important part of Klindom. There was the calling of the Warriors to gather. Then the Ceremonies began with the dipping of the Warnog. The Howl for the Dead followed. I again want to express my personal thanks as my own last Grandparent had passed away hours before. We Howled for many worthies. Then Awards were presented. And, Murphy's name was publicly and officially taken in vain.

Afterwards, it was the traditional Fellowship around the Fire. No bonfire this time. But an excellent firepit was used as the bonding element. We all enjoyed the stories around the fire.

Eventually, it was time to snooze. The day of departure was coming.

We all gathered our gear and left from a nice morning watching the clouds to see that something wicked this way comes. It rained during most of the travel time out of Arkansas. It dried more and more as we went west.

*(Murphy bit those with goods in the open pickup bed and trailer.)
*(Murphy bit me again with a shockingly bad gas mileage. I expected 22+. I got 12 mpg.)
*(Murphy bit the hell out of a coffee pot. 60-0 in 5 seconds.)

This was truly an event of the sort which we should have seen Warriors from OK and MO. Louisiana announced that they were out with very much Real World reasons. I would hope to see more non-Triskel Warriors arriving for Tournaments in the Cold Revenge Quadrant. The "DTs" are for everyone.

Fighting! Fun! Food! Fellowship!

I had fun with everybody.

Well, sorta...
Thank you, Winston, for warning us that the flying monkeys are coming. Most could find places to hide in time.

Strength and Honor, Y'all

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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