AER: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2016

AER: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2016

The Lone Star Warrior's Association including members of the KAG Ship IKV Melota attended the LSWA's first Good Day to Dine of 2016.

Taste of Europe in Arlington is a Ukranian restaurant that has been featured on the television show, "Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins".

It is owned and run by a family so no chain food here. This is the real deal. The menu was not in English until about four years ago. At least since the last time we went, they added the Russian back to the menu.

This is authentic food and very good.

The shop is also a shop. They have all kinds of imports from the home country. The inventory runs the lot with dolls, music, clothing and food. They have berry syrups of berries that we don't have here. It was tempting to do a "Bloodwine" from one of them.

This was good food with good friends. Something that I know that I say often.

We voted to go to the Catfish Plantation (the Haunted House) in Waxahachie, again. We have been here before. We have been at Taste of Europe before. We feel that after a couple of years, good food is fair game again as well as being a known good quantity.

Strength and Honor,

Cpt. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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