AER: Good Day to Dine, Jul 2016

AER: Good Day to Dine, Jul 2016

The KAG Ship IKV Melota and others attended the LSWA's Good Day to Dine at Airways in Arlington (TX).

This is a burger place themed on aircraft with lots of photos (or prints) from WW2 around the walls along with bits and pieces of actual aircraft technology.

We all had our various burgers and fries while discussing the next GDtD.

The next GDtD will be the annual "walkabout" that usually happens in May.

Interested, early Warriors shall meet at the train station in Irving to raid the Blacksmith Shop, the Glass Blowing Shop, and the other technical attractions. I do truly recommend seeing both of these.

The actual Meal shall be at "Wilhoit's" a few blocks away at 1400. That should give enough time to see the scheduled showings at the glass shop. The blacksmith place is a bit more casual.

Strength and Honor,

Cpt. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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