Personal Log: Tournament, 2012

Personal Log: Tournament, 2012

This was the hottest Tournament since #1. At least this time we did have shade, water, toilet facilities, unlike #1. However, it was still hot.

We run into the problem that the IKV Bayou Serpent is busy in November. Some of our own members devote a lot of time away from the IKV Melota during Oktober. Thus, these requirements ran the Tournament back into September.

We started grovelling in at Purtis Creek State Park on Friday with stragglers coming in on Saturday morning. We had a guest family from the USS Navros that even beat Squeeze and I there. So Friday, we had a good calm night of conversation after the technical setup in the afternoon. The other nice thing about Friday was that we did manage to get nearly everything set up including the jail/tarp shelter.

Saturday we started a bit late as we were waiting on others who were ultimately not to arrive. That put more heat on the grill. We armored up and fought Batleth and quickly realized that we were running pretty damn close to all becoming medical emergencies. The armor came off after Batleth Round One and the rest of the Tournament was fought without armor. We had to take extra time between boughts to cool and to stabilize.

Grethor, it was made rougher by the amount of injuries we brought into the Ring. I'm still getting over my foot surgeries. One combatant has a torn ligament in one arm. Squeeze brought in a bad elbow that gave her fits. Our Deliverance Wars casualty (broken ankle) made the proper call and did not take his risk into the Ring. Folks, getting older is not for sissies. I don't like it.

Of all of the lousy luck, Avalona and I managed to draw each other for both Batleth and Mekleth. She beat me in Batleth, barely. It was hard fought. Mekleth was just as wonderfully nasty and I barely beat her. We managed to not meet in Daqtags.

Squeeze fought in this Tournament which was great. She also did a very good job.

We also had additional non-combatant guests arrive for the day so there was much meeting, greeting and getting to know one another.

Everybody was huffing and puffing. We were all soaked with sweat and some of us hosed ourselves to keep cooler. However, we did manage to complete the Tournament with enough day left for non-combat fun. Squeeze had brought some new games and a great (adult) pinata to the event. She started us off with the pinata. Then, we did a really weird tribble gigging hunt. The really wild one was a duck hunt with Batleths and "Team Romper Stompers". That one managed to draw blood.

At dusk, many of the Park crew showed up for our Ceremonies. We got out of the pattern which was bit of a problem, however, we survived. We dipped the Bloodwine. We Howled for the dead. Then, it was time for trophies. Dr. Gizmo took Win. Kmok and I tied for Place. Squeeze got Show. Gizmo took Batleth and I think (I don't remember) Mek. I took Daqtag. There was no First Blood nor was there a Broken Weapon.

After that, one Grethor of a Trivia Game which Kmok won.

Tired and hot, we turned in relatively early for us at about midnight.

Sunday, Squeeze and Denise managed to have nearly the entire setup packaged for transit before most of us even got up. Thanks muchly to them!

We were missing a few that said that they were coming. Some had to deal with a hurricane, literally. Others were MIA. We hope to see our missing Brothers and Sisters next year.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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