AER: Winter Campout, 2016

AER: IKV Melota annual Winter Campout, 2016

Each year, Squeeze and I declare an Ice Campout and invite everybody to join us. The usual is 60-70 degrees for our "Ice Camp". Demonstrable practice has shown that this is usually a safe bet for a decent weekend camping in spite of the "Ice Campout" billing.

Since these were pretty much internal campouts with no guarantee who would even show up, there have not been AERs for them. I realize now that this has been a grievous error. This would at some nearly 10 AERs over time.

This year, what was different was the location. For once, this was not a state park. This was on the 18 acres that Squeeze and I purchased last December. Finally, a return to private property! This was what brought to mind the very belated AER.

At the moment, we still cannot have a bonfire as we do not yet have the water access or stored water to deal with a problem. So, we have to keep the fires very small and controlled. But, eventually, we shall have proper Melota bonfires as we used to.

Members of the IKV Melota and mundane guests caravaned out to the property located a few miles east of Nowhere and a couple miles north of Hopelessly Lost. Upon arriving, individual tent sites were established first, and the Cook's Tour was then given.

After the campsites were set up, and before the work started, anybody with SAMS, phasers, disrupters or slingshots got a chance for some fun.

For me, this still has to be a working trip so I got to work and other joined in to help clear various areas.

We had a grand time that night listening to the coyotes.
Then, it was getting out there before sunup to target the targs, if any could be found.

Strength and Honor,

Cpt. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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