The Janissary

Greetings program!

You have had the misfortune of landing on my personal pages. Who knows, you might find something interesting and educational here as I am a computer professional, a bicyclist, and the owner a couple of Volkswagens.

As a computer professional I adopted "the Janissary" by mistake thinking that they were the mercenaries hired to guard a specific piece of real estate for the last five centuries. I was wrong. By the time that I had figured that out, I was stuck with the name that I had chosen. I am still a computer professional that as David Drake writes, "plays for pay". I am currently employed. However, I do not have a qualm about the occasional foray into outside projects.

I deleted all of my personal pages nearly a decade ago when I took up being the webmaster for a club. I was too busy to keep up with my own pages. Today, I am re-building those pages anew. Thus, these links may or may not work.

There is an old saying, "behind every successful man is a woman." I can certainly attest that you can bet your ass that my success is due to a phenomenal woman who shall have her own independent successes cataloged in these pages.

Each of these links (may) lead off to a page based upon that subject matter.

bike pages                       I am a bicyclist.

Volkswagen pages           I drive Volkswagens.

My non-automotive work              

Squeeze's work               WOW!