These are some of the leathers that Squeeze has made for various klingon Ships and Houses.

Some of these images are from unfinished product.

Squeeze had made many things, pillows, quivers, body armor, holsters and more. I shall be adding more pictures as I find them and take pictures of items of which I have not yet pictures.

As matched set of leather pillows.

Another matched set of leather pillows.

A customized knife sheath.

This is a brig made of two layers of leather. Behind each bolt is a washer. It meets the NATO standard for small arms fire. It is NIJ Level II compatable and had a sample tested. (9mm hardball with the armor on a roast)
Over eight years old as of this writing.

I got tired of carrying around a laptop to do my job. So I bought an HP 690 Jornada. The case has "grenade loops" for carrying screwdrivers and pens. The front has a floppy pouch. It was designed to fit over other equipment as necessary.
Be aware that this fellow has served for over a decade.

The 690 was replaced by an even smaller computer. This case needed no floppy pouch. However, it does have a single "grenade loop" to hold a pen.
Over seven years old at this time.

These are knife pouches that she has made for me.

A form fitted holster.

Squeeze found a nice glass set with a carafe. She added a few leather touches to it. Note that the leather making the "base" is safely under the glass tray.