Each of these links (may) lead off to a page based upon that subject matter.

Ok, in 2013, I have not yet built these pages. So clicking will give you a 404 at this time. But, they will be interesting pages once built as I have had to body off the Karmann, twice. The Kombi is due for a potential body off. The 912 was blondsided and is now gone.

To read these pages, I am generally expecting you to understand the histories of the vehicles and their common creator, Herr Doktor (honorus causus) Ferdinand Porsche.
There are plenty of history pages on the web. I recommend them if you want history. This page is about my three vehicles.

Ich habe seit 1979 ein Karmann gefahrt. Ich kann ein bischen die original Sprache gespracht.
If you drive a real VW or a real Porsche, these pages assume that you speak both the original language and "Texan".

Karmann Ghia                       Meine "erste Weib".

Kominationzlastwagen           auf Texan, "VW bus".

Porsche 912               Ich habe ein gehabt.