The Luxocruiser


I did not have a wagon as a kid. I'm making up for it now.

When Erin was born, we had the money to buy either a nice stroller or a nice wagon. I convinced Squeeze that the wagon was the better deal as nobody outgrows a Radio Flyer. You merely change its mission profile.

We bought a large pan, wood side "Traveler" model. Rather than building it according to the directions, I left the sides removable and the wheels pinned so that they too, were removable. We built a conestoga type canopy. I put LED lights on fore and aft. The interior got a two inch cut to fit foam pad plus a sheepskin. Each piece of metal was separated from the next by a rubber bushing.

This was a soft and quiet cruiser even before we bought the pneumatic tires. And, it collapsed to fit into the back of the Karmann Ghia.

As you can see, the shocks work to provide a comfy ride at the expence of a higher center of gravity. However, if it can rock, it can take the rough terrain without rattling brains.

With the addition of the pneumatic tires, it has an even quieter and softer ride. Here is the pan. Note that the pneumatics increase the width of the tracking for stability.

The turncastle is re-enforced by a thick plate of steel. Without which, the ears merely fold under duress.

This shows the trailing arm pivot.

The rear end must have heavier springs since the trailing arm pivot does not actually provide vertical bounce. You have only two springs in the back against the four with the turncastle.

This is a small pan that was salvaged from an illegal dump and set up for towing behind the "Challenge" bicycle as a full trailer. It is used for towing items that would be hostile to a cloth semi trailer. It is also for road speeds up to 10mph. The tires are lawn mower solids and have no actual cushion within themselves. This is the speed limiting factor.