Klingon Formal Ball, 2006

AER IKV Melota's Formal Ball

The IKV Melota (of KAG's Cold Revenge Quadrant) proudly announces another first for us. We held our first formal Ball. This was an RSVP (small convention room) intership event with Federation guests a-plenty.

This was intended to be an actual formal dance. Grups only. No kids. There was much "formal", but in today's society, little in the way of formal dance. We just did not really have anybody there that could waltz or tango. But that fact does not matter. We played a 10th of the music selected for the event. We had plenty of fun and socializing. We had plenty of "formal" as many were showing made for the occasion formal outfits.

The IKV Melota stage was set up backed by twin mirrors that were marked for the occasion with klingon and Ball symbols. The stage was bordered with red lights around the horizontal plane. The mirrors were bordered on the vertical planes with white lights. Two spears were placed within the stage sockets. There were flags and banners around the room. Decorations included mirrors on the tables with fishbowls (with live fish) upon them. Stars hung from the ceilings. Cyalume bands were hanging from helium balloons. There were many other appropriate decorations.

Upon arriving, registrants paid their 5+5 and received a large numbered card with tearoff pieces. $5 + 5# was the entry fee. The five pounds was non-perishables for the Arlington Women's Shelter. The number was the door prize number. The sections of the card had voting sections for the various contests.

After much mingling, eating, and "drinking", the official "Bloodwine" (de jure) was dipped in Ceremony. Post dipping, it was story telling time as Warriors stood upon the stage to tell their tales of glory. Door prizes were given out all night long. With the prizes outnumbering our very good turnout, the old carny saying, "Everyone is a winner", was very much a reality. I personally forfeited two door prizes to allow somebody else to have objects that I could myself create in order to spread the wealth with those who could not make those objects. The raffle had a Win / Place / Show arrangement. Win was a metal Batleth complete with blade covers. Place was a portable television. Show was a radio controllled flying saucer. There was also a version of musical chairs played on the dance floor for a prize which Robyn (USS Trinity River) won.

The contests were for uniforms and food. Absolutely fabulous trophies were awarded for each of these categories:

Culinary Appearance, Romulan Table Scraps for your Dog
Culinary Creativity, Roswell Road Kill
Culinary Flavor, Death Bird of Kronos
Most Unique Uniform, Gizmet
Most Humerous, TIE, Mary Oliver and myself (my outfit is supposed to be serious!)
Best Uniform Male, TIE, Dan and Gizmo
Best Uniform, Female, Squeeze by a landslide

We did have a lot of fun. Because it was not a restaurant, we could be a little rowdier, play games, and move about even more than we could at a Good Day to Dine. Earlier, I put "drinking" in quotation marks. We drank a ton of soda. It was a dry location in a dry county. The "Bloodwine" de Jure was rootbeer cooled by dry ice. However, a lot of us still felt rough in the morning after due to the dancing, playing, lifting, shoving and general setup/teardown.

This was still a night to remember. I certainly hope to see more formal uniforms made (Federation and klingon) for next year.

Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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