IKV Melota

Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the IKV Melota Website.

After four years (two elections) of experimentation, this is once again the "official" IKV Melota web page. It will take some time to correct four years of neglect. Please be patient.

1704.20, somebody hacked the website. After discussing this with hosting firm, we decided that the nuclear option was best. I nuked it from orbit. It was the only way to be sure. This site is being totally reloaded. There will be a lot of broken links until I get it completely reloaded.

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The IKV Melota proudly interacts with these Cold Revenge Quadrant ships participating in their events:



Construction commentary:
I wrote the commentary about having an updated and working website. And, yes, you will find some dead links here. The pages themselves are going to be up to date. The links that fail will be less important.

The IKV Melota is a non-profit organization supporting Mr. Roddenberry's vision of the future. We find it very distressing that Viacom and Paramount do not share his visions. We recognize all trademarks and copyrights as belonging to their owners and hope that the owners have sense enough to realize that we fans pay the bills. There is no need outside of testosterone and rectal attitudes to pursue fan sites.

Given that this is not a commercial venture, as webmaster, I partake of the KISS principle and shall have a very simple site. Simplicity is beauty, like the curve of the Ba'Leth.