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Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the IKV Melota Downloads main page.

From 2000 to 2009, I as Communications Officer, Webmaster, and Videographer of the KAG Ship IKV Melota have made available a premiere website for the Klingon Assault Group and Klindom in general.   With pride I have offered a website with Video Downloads pages with over a gig of klingon video content presented WITHOUT advertisement, popups or popunders. period. You may possibly notice a four year hiatus in new videos. After four years (two elections) of experimentation, it will take time to get back into the film making business. Please be patient.

With the noted exceptions, I, Commander Salek (Sutai), operating under the guise of Stowalkor Studios have made and released these videos under the banner of, and for the benefit of the IKV Melota and the Klingon Assault Group pursuant to the Creative Commons License Creative Commons License

Always run a virus check on downloaded products!

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ALL of these videos are uncensored. They may contain commentary or visuals
that weaker species cannot handle.
If you are "sensitive" or "politically correct", then you are on the wrong web page.
This is a page for KLINGONS.

Note1: Real Media files and certain links to much older material will fail
as the website is being re-organized at a folder level.
The Real Media shall hopefully be returned as WMV format.

Note2: Main videos have been re-ordered to chronological order
so that the progession of combat and video tech can be shown.

Batleth Related Videos
Videos related to the art of Da'Har

Disrupter Related Videos
Paintball at the klingon brutal

Ball Videos
Klingon Armored Formal Events

Other Klingon Videos
Anything not otherwise categorized
And, there is a petark load of stuff in this category

Batleth Related Videos
Disrupter Related Videos
Ball Videos
Other Thlingon Videos

The IKV Melota is a non-profit organization supporting Mr. Roddenberry's vision of the future. We find it very distressing that Viacom and Paramount do not share his visions. We recognize all trademarks and copyrights as belonging to their owners and hope that the owners have sense enough to realize that we fans pay the bills. There is no need outside of testosterone and rectal attitudes to pursue fan sites.

Given that this is not a commercial venture, as webmaster, I partake of the KISS principle and shall have a very simple site. Simplicity is beauty, like the curve of the Ba'Leth.