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Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the IKV Melota Other Downloads Page.

With the noted exceptions, I, Commander Salek (Sutai), operating under the guise of Stowalkor Studios have made and released these videos under the banner of, and for the benefit of the IKV Melota and the Klingon Assault Group pursuant to the Creative Commons License Creative Commons License

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This is the collection of videos related
to anything else not otherwise categorized.

Violent fun for all ages       3.31meg windows media video

Dallas Symphony Promotional Tour       12.7meg windows media video

Borders Giftwrapping 2006       5.2meg windows media video

Summit 2007 Region III, Jail&Bail       6.4meg windows media video

IC2005, Jail&Bail       5.46meg windows media video

IC2005, Project Laredo       7meg windows media video

IC2005, An "Incident"       1.93meg windows media video

IC2005, In the Paper, Again       2.2meg windows media video

IC2005, Force Projection       1.15meg windows media video

IC2005, Schmoozing Vaughn       373k windows media video

Armor       1meg real media

BabelCon, 2008       5.3meg windows media video

Orion's Envy at BabelCon, 2008       Youtube shifting to Youtube streaming

Good Day to Dine Jan 2006       42.5meg windows media video

Good Day to Dine Okt 2005       7.97meg windows media video

Good Day to Dine Pegasus       4.71meg windows media video

Good Day to Dine May 2005       4.13meg windows media video

Good Day to Dine & fundraiser 2003      2.86meg windows media video

Good Day to Dine Sept 2002       8.43meg real media

Christmas Party 2005       3.83meg windows media video

C.A.T.S. Security 2003       3.3meg windows media video

Promotion to Commander       493k windows media video

The Dark Moon's Klingons on Motorcycles       9.82meg windows media video       used with permission

In the newspaper again. (2005)       673k windows media video      
Donating to the Women's Shelter again.

In the newspaper again. (2004)       1.92meg real media nbsp  
Donating to the Women's Shelter again.

The paper came to interview us at Batleth Practice.
Star Telegram Interview.       2.43meg windows media video

March 26th (2005), A Very Busy Day       5.02meg windows media video
Blood drive, Radio Remote, Dinner and Bowling

IKV T'mar's "Recruiting Video"       4.6meg mpeg       used with permission

Rendering movies       1meg real media       This is what it looks like when Unimatrix1 is rendering movies.

Thanks to the Landowner       503k windows media video
We are showing our gratitude for allowing us to use her land for our Tournaments.

Klingon Insecticides       2.22meg windows media video      

Assassination       1.43m windows media video      

The Women Warriors planning ahead       8.5megk mpg

Blood Drive, filling the beds       2meg windows media video

hosted for the IKV Bayou Serpent
The Toilet Story       Youtube shifting to YT streaming

hosted for the IKV Bayou Serpent
Totally Obsessed, Ripar on TV       Youtube shifting to YT streaming

Klingon Ceremonies at Bayoucon 2012       Youtube shifting to YT streaming

TV Quality version Klingon Ceremonies at Bayoucon 2012, HUGE!!! 201 meg mpeg video

261k windows media video

Our answer to the Aerostar shuttlecraft       750k windows media video

Creative Commons License
IKV Melota / Stowalkor Studios videos are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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