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Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the IKV Melota Disrupter Downloads Page.

With the noted exceptions, I, Commander Salek (Sutai), operating under the guise of Stowalkor Studios have made and released these videos under the banner of, and for the benefit of the IKV Melota and the Klingon Assault Group pursuant to the Creative Commons License Creative Commons License

Always run a virus check on downloaded products!

Download Times Excel compatable Spreadsheet       161K Spreadsheet
Download this to calculate download times.

This is the collection of videos related to the art of the Disrupter Combat.

Venom Wars       11.2meg windows media video

Venom Wars II       Youtube (shifting to Youtube streams)

Venom Wars III       Youtube (shifting to Youtube streams)

Rure Penthe' Wars, 2003       4.5meg windows media video

Deliverance Wars I 2002       3.7meg windows media video

Shoot the Monkey 2003       7.83meg windows media video

KitM/Deliverance II 2003       9.19meg windows media video version

Deliverance III 2004       22meg windows media video

Deliverance IV 2005       14.1meg windows media video

The Duel Below       5.4meg windows media video
A friendly misunderstanding.

Gizmovision, Deliverance 2.9 meg Right Click / Save As executable
to view the Camping Terrain
Always run antivirals upon any downloaded object.

Ceremonies, Venom Wars I, edited,       3.14meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars II, edited,       14.2meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars III,       11.3meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars IV,       12.2meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars V,       15.9meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars VI,       60 meg windows media video

Ceremonies, Venom Wars VII,       58meg windows media video
Ceremonies, Venom Wars VII, an alternate with additional after the Ceremonies       67meg windows media video

Don't "NO SHOW" one of our events!       261k windows media video

Creative Commons License
IKV Melota / Stowalkor Studios videos are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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