IKV Melota


                      Monthly Meeting:       SECOND Sunday of the Month
                      Time:                          1400
                      Place:                         Ship Member's Home / Movie Night or Batleth Practice (afterwards)
                      Contact the ship at      ikvmelota @ janissaries . net       for location

                      General information listed at the end of this page

As of 1807.06 I am retired and moving too far away from DFW to be an active member of the IKV Melota. The home of my new life does not have Internet access or even cell coverage. I can no longer maintain a living web page. This is now, voluntarily (this time) a LEGACY website.
The new Holme was purchased in 2015 so the demands of building a new life pretty much ended AERs in 2017.

Monthly meetings are the SECOND Sunday of the month.
Be aware that if a "holiday" occurs, the meeting will be offset plus/minus one week.
Meetings will also be cancelled in a month with multi-day events such as Tournaments, campouts, overnight parties. We feel that we have plenty of time to discuss ship's business casually at these times.