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Welcome Warriors (and mundanes) to the LEGACY IKV Melota website.   From 2000 to 2009, I, Commander Salek, Sutai, as Communications Officer, Webmaster, and Videographer of the KAG Ship IKV Melota have made available a premiere website for the Klingon Assault Group and Klindom in general.       With pride I have offered a website with practical Academy Pages and Video Downloads pages with over a gig of klingon video content presented WITHOUT advertisements, popups or popunders. period.

This page is a very much personal page as it is collecting elements that were on prior pages now not used, or items waiting in storage for some reason. It was never a part of the IKV Melota web site during any of those ten years...

the Ram A short about about an Imperial Klingon Dromon
the Scots A short about about the fusion of Klingon and Scottish blood

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