Dallas Symphony Orchestra, 2007

After Encounter Report: Dallas Symphony Orchestra, 2007

The IKV Melota was asked by a great federation ship to assist them in assisting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for their Star Trek music presentation.

We managed to put over two days all of our "canon" uniforms in service of the USS Joshua and the DSO.

The KAG Warriors participating were:

There were also at least two USS Joshua klingons who I understand had very impressive uniforms. These Warriors were ferried around by the DSO in a limo to various radio stations and TV stations for interviews advertising the DSO event. Regrettably, their first day, their was a murder/suicide that pre-empted their live TV time and it was taped for a later day. The next day, during their live TV time we were hit with some bad storms so the weather pre-empted all of their live work. At least it was taped for a later showing, also.

*Since the call was for TV type and TV Quality uniforms, and that we model a lot of non-canon centuries, we invited the IKV Bayou Serpent to join us. We hosted K'allen and Ripar of the IKV Bayou Serpent for a few days. Not having an opportunity to participate myself, my greatest fun was hosting those guys Monday prior to having to go back to the regular work grind.

**sQweeze served as driver and videographer during these days though she was not able to be on the radio or TV.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


On May 29-30 the IKV Bayou Serpent had the honor of being invited to help promote the Star Trek Symphony, put on but the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. IKV Bayou Serpent members in attendance were Lt Cmdr Ri'Par and Lt Cmdr K'Allen. We were invited by the feddie ship the USS Joshua and our friends on the IKV Melota, both out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We arrived the day before and were housed by Salek and sQueezinart of the Melota who provided well for us, keeping our bellys full, bloodwine in our mugs, and a place to rest.

The 29th we woke at 3:30 am, a very early wake-up call since we had been up late drinking with Salek and had to be put to bed by sQueeze >>:) We got into uniform and arrived at the orchestra hall around 6am. Shortly after,the Melota and USS Joshua members started arriving and we left with 7 Klingons and 4 feddies in a bus-sized limo. First stop was to KISSFM radio in Dallas. They were not aware of our plans to take over the airwaves and were too intimidated to let us on the air. We loaded up and went to a second radio station to the same problem. Then it was off to the Dallas NBC affiliate for a TV shot. This one went over much better since they knew we were coming. The bit was supposed to be live but after a murder/suicide near Fort Worth, the station taped us to be aired the next day. By this time it was afternoon and everyone was tired and hot. The limo took us back and the 2 IKV Bayou Serpent members joined 2 feddies and 3 Melota members for a Good Day To Dine event at the local Hooters.

After going to bed slightly earlier we woke for the second day of promoting. This time we had 4 feddies and 6 Klingons; they were still nervous about being outnumbered. First stop was to KLUV radio in Dallas. The DJ loved us and let us on the air. They talked with us a bit on the air and the sports announcer started his spot, ending with the announcement of the Klingons over the Vulcans 2-1. They sent us down to the parking lot with one of the DJ's who gave away several tickets to the event. While he was busy with that,we took pics with the Dallas Police, pics of us trying to hitchhike, though no one would stop or even come in our lane, and pics with various fans that happened by. About half of us went to the station's AM counterpart and did another interview. We loaded back up and went to ABC 5 in Dallas for a live broadcast to promote and then to a taped spot with the "Why Guy", an entertainment section on the 5pm news. The "Why Guy" is an Emmy award winning journalist and interviewed K'Allen, one of the feddies, and various other scenes such as us coming off the turbolift, crashing into the walls as if under attack, and ended with an onscreen beamout.We then returned and had yet another Good Day To Dine at a buffet-style resturant with 4 Klingons and 2 feddies. After a long shower and repacking we said our goodbyes and warped out. Thanks again to the Melota and USS Joshua for inviting us and special thanks to Salek and sQueezinart for giving us a place to stay and feeding us. I wish we had had more time to spend with everyone.

Lt Cmdr Ri'Par vestai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent Commander and Ship's Brewer

May 29 & 30

We gathered at the symphony hall. (I couldn't get off work for the 29th but was able to join in on the 30th).

Klingons from the I.K.V. Melota and the I.K.V. Bayou Serpant (Louisianna) were joined by Feddies from the U.S.S. Joshua. Many of us had gotten up at 2a.m. to apply latex and drive over an hour to get there. It was worth it.

At 6:30 a.m. the limo (a big one) arrived. We were driven from studio to studio. Radio and T.V. stations all over Dallas, Texas.

At one point (after we raided a radio news room) they sent a mobile broadcasting unit down to the parking lot. There, the radio station and the symphony rep. handed out free concert tickets as the Klingons stood near the street and directed traffic into the lot.

I must admit, I got a little nervous when the police arrived. We were ALL armed to the teeth. Metal bat'leths, mek'leths and d'k'tahgs. I almost ruptured myself laughing when the officers got out and asked if they could pose for a picture with us. I'll post that one when I get a copy.

I'm not sure how many spots they did on Teusday but on Wednesday we did 2 radio stations and we shot 2 spots at the local ABC-TV affiliate. Both radio spots and one of the T.V. spots ran live. The other (I'm told) was seen later on Wednesday afternoon.

If anyone finds pics on-line pass them along. I'd love to see them (and I'll post any that I get copies of here).

The concert is next week. John De Lancie and Robert Picardo will be part of the performance.

Lt.Cdr. KMok


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