FedCon, 2007

After Encounter Report: FraudCon

To any and all people who shucked out money to go to FedCon down in Dallas, Texas........

I suggest you call your credit card company and report this as a fraudulent charge....

They did have guest,,, but did not pay them, any money the guest got this weekend was from the sales of their autographs and photos taken with them.

I'm betting that the hotel didn't get paid either.

As a volunteer, I was not privy to what went down, but I showed up today to escort Garret Wang to his Photo/Autograph session. And walked over to the Auditorium and heard that the Convention as of 11am was shut down, out of business!!

I was never so ashamed to have been a volunteer for an organization before.

The guest, (the remainders) put on their best faces (literally) and went on with their Autograph sessions and photo opps. They said, these people will see us, we may not get paid, but we will have a good time!

Robert O'Ralley and JG Hertzer both came down in full Klingon makeup and proceeded to autograph for the fans, and after that was finished, promptly went to do photo opps.

I had a friend get a photo with me and them in full makeup; I hope to get the photo from him tonight via e-mail.


I have never seen such a thing in the many years I have volunteered for sci-fi conventions. These things usually get nipped in the bud before happening.

I will post my photos as time allows.



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