Good Day to Dine April, 2007

After Encounter Report: Good Day to Dine April, 2007

The membership of the Lone Star Warrior's Association, of which the KAG ship IKV Melota is a member, had their April Good Day to Dine at a movie tavern.

The movie was "Next" starring Nicholas Cage. This was a really good movie in spite of being panned by some local press.

The food was "awrite", though a bit pricey. This was an order first, and they deliver during the show arrangement. No actual waits for orders were in the theatre.

Because of the (time) proximity to a large and well fed IKV Melota event, it was decided that the next GDtD shall be a Sunday Picnic. A venue was discussed though I cannot recall the actual park designated. Veterans Park (Arlington) was originally proposed, but it has a gob lot of reconstruction/construction going on.

When I get the notes from the event, I shall post the venue unless somebody beats me to it.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
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