Good Day to Dine, December 2002

Report on the LSWA's Good Day to Dine. December 28th, 2002. Dave & Busters.

It was officially blessed by JudmoS, son of Kovar, Head Honcho of the Lone Star Warriors Association, to change the date to Saturday (28th) from Sunday. Location was again Dave&Busters on 75 (the infamous north central expressway). The cool thing on that one was to be able to use the trains now that they go all the way to Walnut Hill.

As to the Good Day to Dine itself:

Turnout was light. However, the arrival of the Observation Post Lone Star provided plenty of players for that serious head2head race game. We had a bunch of burgers and pizza before heading on to the games.

Most important was the presence of a longtime electronic friend, Qang. He joined the IKV Melota Yahoo group a long time ago through the KAG website. However, due to his profession and assignments, he has not had the ability to make any of our events. Today, we got to meet the face behind the name. I certainly welcome the gentleman with whom I was privilaged to talk to and race against tonight. If his current schedule holds out, he might be able to make some of our weekend events until the job changes his hours again.

The purpose of riding the train, besides avoiding driving, was to have face-time with more mundanes. I had the opportunity to speak at length with a fellow who's father might be interested in joining our bit if klindom. Now I am just hoping that this works out. Even if it does not, it was a solid attempt at recruiting via face-time on the trains. Besides, it was gnarly to be in uniform (old gold this time, though) on a train full of mundanes.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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