Good Day to Dine, July 2007

After Encounter Report: Good Day to Dine, July 2007

The membership of the Lone Star Warrior's Association met for the periodic Good Day to Dine. The KAG vessel IKV Melota attended along with members of various Federation ships.

This was a return to the dual raid of Krispy Kreme and Der Weinerschnitzel. These locations are literally side by side and we park at one and raid both. Given the expense of the Ball the night before, they are a rather inexpensive GDtD and a welcome relief to the wallet. Both locations go light on the latinum.

Mike Mooney of the Dallas Morning News was present and stayed with us the whole time. He missed out on the Ball last night due to work. Granted, he was present with us as work, but we tried to make sure that he had a good time so that it did not feel as work to him. We look forward to collaborating with him again in the future on some projects. Now, we await his report on our GDtD.

The next location and time shall be Sunday, September 30th, at 1600 to beat the usual lunch crowd. The location shall be that Steak/Brewhouse located in "The Highlands". This is the restaurant that faces I-20 in Arlington. I cannot for the life of me remember its correct name at this time.

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