AER: GDtD June, 2008

AER: GDtD June, 2008

I have a tendency to be short and sweet(brutal) when I have spent some time writing a report to come back later and discover it gone via some twist of fate. I don't feel like spending the same amount of time re-inventing the wheel.

Good Day to Dine, Lone Star Warrior's Association, June, 2008

We nearly walked Razzoo's. Their poor treatment of us as a group nearly caused us to walk at that time. This is the same Razzoo's of which the LSWA started the Dallas/FortWorth area concept of the Good Days to Dine.

We came here because of my mis-guided notion that this would be the Tenth Anniversary Event. After getting Razzoo's voted as the next place, I later researched to confirm that this was merely Year Nine.

However, with their piss poor attitude, I won't be suggesting a Tenth Anniversary return to the Birthplace of the DFW Good Days to Dine.

Once past the initial bad service by seating and management staff, our actual waitress was quite friendly and a good sport. Co-incidentally, a Star Wars club had decided to have an outing at the same time. We wound up in the same room and could intermingle a bit.

We had a darn good turnout representing a good cross section of DFW klindom. The food was great as usual. Our waitress was very good. We just shall not be likely to return after the hassles given us at our arrival.

The next Good Day to Dine shall be at a wok type restaurant of which I don't know how to spell the name since I have never been there. Tanz, Tons, Tonz, Tans, Tanz. Well, it is somewhere down and off of 157.

See you there!


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