Spring INformal Campout, 2007

After Encounter Report: Spring INformal Campout, 2007

The IKV Melota held its Spring INformal Campout in May. This "Best of Batleth: Interlude" was not a test bed for a change. We have established that we can successfully put on Tournaments at public parks.

This may sound simple until you try it in our neighborhood. The Texas State Parks do not normally take reservations, therefore it is a challenge to get tent slots arranged, occupied, and paid for in such a manner as to not be spread across the park.

We have established that we can bring our show successfully on the road to various locations. Louisiana, Arkansas and various parks have now seen Bloodwine, Ceremonies, Games, and other fun.

There were some technologies that were tested, however, these were tech tests involving camping in and of itself. Various "candles" were tested for light and time. Other campers tested various other tech for personal camping.

This park put a 2 tent limit on each space thus really putting a seriousness on the RSVP. Some 10 days prior, all of the arranged slots were full and any late RSVP or "latecomers" would have to take their chances getting a slot somewhere else in the park. As it was, turnout was good. We had guests as well as the usual crew. And nobody had to find a space somewhere else in the park though a new tent had to go up Saturday night.

There was the usual good Friday night fare. Gather. Setup. Kick back.

Saturday was a day of INformality. No structured events were planned. Warriors just did the BBQ thing, played whatever they wanted to play, and otherwise did whatever in the heck they felt like doing.

There was some casual sparring. Light weapons and daQs were brought out for a bit of less intense work. KMok, Qlu, Sir Gaavin, KartoQ and myself pretty much took turns with each other and a newcomer. KMok's son, Garian, entered the Field of Honor and is very much ready for the next Tournament.

Having "beach front property" for the weekend, the kids stayed down near the water a lot of the time watching the fish literally jump out of the water. Such is the low stress event of the INformal campout.

Having Qlu, and Gaavin as a guest with his parmachi this time, we were again treated to a "knight" of song and stories, but this time in 3 part harmony.

Banners and flags were shown to provide identification and to be conversation starters with the mundanes.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
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