Personal Log: Venom Wars VIII, Apr 2011

Personal Log: Venom Wars VIII, Apr 2011

Personal Log: Venom Wars VIII

I and my lovely parmachi attended the IKV Bayou Serpent's eighth installment of their annual Venom Wars. This event is held near Choudrant, Louisiana and is hosted upon the personal property of K'allen and Torsha.

In a long distance "family reunion", three Cold Revenge Quadrant ships were participating in this event. The IKV Deliverance was also present and shooting. It was good to see Chicken Plucker and Tangqa again.

The first event of the day was speedball. The "barrel tap" rule was strictly enforced this year which led to some rather weird situations.

I was knocked out of the first round when it became a contest to see who would yell "bang" first. Neither of us fired a round. I was trying for a bayonet lunge when my opponent yelled "bang". Thus, I was "dead".
Chicken Plucker pulled a move which has never before been seen at VW8. While Caleb was loading his first pod of ammo, CF charged the field and barrel tapped him with an empty marker.
I'm not sure if the rules need to be upgraded or changed. Having a safety kill rule protects against injurious close hits. However, it also totally throws the match outcome into the air.

We thank Torsha for once again supplying a chili lunch so that we could return to the fray faster.

Next was Ripar's latest evil, the "Kill the Chancellor" game. This is a really great game because it can last for a fairly long time allowing a lot of paint to fly. The only Warriors who die out of the game are the two guarding the chancellor. Everybody else regens. The chancellor cannot be killed by disrupter fire and is not a target. Once the guards are dead, the person who kills the last guard fights the chancellor with daktags for the right to be the next chancellor. This game can also allow for a lot of good paintball footage if the combat videographer is willing to go into harm's way.

The klingon's day ended with a capture the flag game against a local guest "team". We give them credit for coming and participating. However, their 8 were grossly outnumbered by our six. They are guys to like to play paintball, but are not an actual, cohesive team as was readily apparent by their performance. I submit that they should work and train together to meet us again next year.

That was the end of the klingon day. However, the locals went down to the speedball field for more play. Squeeze accompanied them. She slung paint as well as gave them a few pointers about getting serious into paintball such as adhering to basic safety protocols. "WtF is your mask doing off???"

While this was going on, Ripar hosted his annual trivia game. Nivek cleaned house as usual.

Regrettably, the locals left before sundown. This year, we wanted the ceremonies to take place in the dark. Ripar set up the stage and choregraphed the movements and then the torches were lit. Ripar started with the dipping of the bloodwine. Next Behrmag led the crews in "The Klingon Prayer". K'allen then led the Death Howl. Ripar gave out the awards by torchlight and the ceremonies were closed. Charlie the Cardy made a return visit as did The Golden Plunger.

It was definitely great to have Tangqa and Chicken Plucker attending again. The war stories from college by CF made the rest of the klingons laugh. Grethor, Tangqa's stories about Chicken Plucker got a lot of good laughs. I got a kick out of Tangqa and CF as Ripar told the Golden Plunger story. There were very many stories from many eras told around the torchfire. Dang, guys, I really miss these reunions that don't happen.

We all discussed the idea of the IKV Deliverance and IKV Bayou Serpent trading off paintball events each year. The ideas being to de-stress those ships from putting on annual events and getting the IKV Deliverance back into play.

On the way home, we opted to take 80 instead of 20. In chunks, we have now driven old Highway 80 from Vicksburg to Terrell. It was great to see all of the pre-Eisenhower downtowns.
Another item about this trip, we were not in a hurry for a change. We literally stopped to see flowers and dig up plants to bring home. We brought home a triffid among other things.

Oddly enough, the weather was beautiful. No rain for a change.
Once again, the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted a great event and we all had fun.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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