Personal Log: Women of Science Fiction, Jan 2011

Personal Log: Women of Science Fiction, Jan 2011

I attended the "Women of Science Fiction" convention in Plano (TX) this weekend. As the name implies, this convention was honoring the actresses of television and movies with which we grew up and also watch today.

I don't remember everybody's real name, thus from my perspective, I saw:

Commander Uhura
Caprica Six

There were other wonderful women present of TV show and movies of which I don't keep track. I do not intend to snub them. Somebody else will probably chime in with their names.

The IKV Melota was not running a table, however, they are always trying to recruit. Dr. Gizmo was working security for the convention. Mrs. Gizmo was working with the USS Joshua. Me, I was running around trying to find possible recruits as a "general admission".

As far as recruiting goes, this trip did not get even a nibble. In spite of the headlining guests, I seemed to have more elbow room. The day was the first 70 degree, sunny day in over two weeks of 50 and cloudy. Thus, there were fewer new costumes and mundane prospects. We saw many costumes, however, these were the regular regulars that we always see. I commented later that I took few pictures because I have most of the "regular regulars" in my photo album already.

I did meet a fine young fellow that is learning how to make his own fan films. We discussed technical information for about an hour.

Commander Ripar (IKV Bayou Serpent (LA)) was present as a cylon and had a much better time this trip. The apparent lesser turnout meant that he did not wait 6 hours in line to get his autographs. Ripar was able to cruise around and enjoy the convention this time.

I also met Daryl Frazetti (anthropologist and an acquaintance of Ripar). He was present as a panel guest and was offering a paper on fan films of which I took note. Being a video producer, we discussed fan films at length. I'm not an anthropologist, nor do I play one on TV, however, I had a great time talking with him about his work.

Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

On January 29th the IKV Bayou Serpent carried out a 2 pronged attack on the conventions of the Cold Revenge Quadrant. Lt B'ehrmaq attacked the New Orleans Comic Con and Kiral and myself attacked the Women Of Sci-fi con in Plano,TX. This Personal Log is for the latter.

Kiral represented the ship by wearing a class B uniform since she was going to be wrangling me in my cylon armor. The IKV Melota had a joint table with a feddie club and had 2 uniformed Klingons present. Guests included Nichelle Nichols,Tricia Helfer,Katee Sackhoff,Morena Baccarin,Yvonne Craig,Anne Lockhart,Erin Gray,and Alaina Huffman. This time we purchased the VIP tickets and had a much better experience than the last time when I stood in line the ENTIRE con. We got in just before 10am and got our badges before I started getting dressed. My cylon armor was an enormous success! Representatives from many clubs were present including KAG,the 501st,the BSG colonial fleet,and a group of costumed female superheros. All of the celebrities I had come to see were very friendly. Anne Lockhart asked to have her photo taken with me since she was on the original BSG. We got lots of autographs and a photo op with Katee and Tricia in which Katee was getting confused about hearing the cylon eye noise but realized I was in line to have my photo taken and had everyone in the room laughing. We also spent time with Salek and Daryl Frazetti of Trekkies whom we bestowed with a baby bloodwine mug due to his short stature. I couldn't find one with a nipple or a sippy cup version so this one had to do! Thanks so much to Kiral for making sure I didnt step on any kids or break my neck in the crowded dealer room. I cant see a thing in that helmet.

Cmdr Ri'Par sutai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent CO
Cold Terror Fleet XO


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