Good Day to Dine Feb 28th, 2004

After Encounter Report: Good Day to Dine Feb 28th, 2004

We met at Joe's Pizza across from the Miller and Baird's plants. (This must be where their dough and beer come from.) We had a great turnout including an entire guest family. There was pizza and beer to be had by all. The only true catch on this was the fact that pizza and subs are already finger foods, so eating klingon style did not exactly stand out in the crowd. The waitress was very much a good sport as was the manager.

The Riley family from the Ghostwalkers decided to try us out. This turned out to be a serendipitus event because of the common interests. Mike was out shooting with us earlier in the day as a Ghostwalker. There was definitely some male pattern bonding as we put welts on each other during the day. His parmachi is involved in the local Volkswagen (Air Cooled, REAL VW's) scene and thus bonded immediately with my Air Cooled family. We certainly hope to see them at more klingon events. This family will be encountering them at Ghostwalker events as well as Air Cooled events.

A paper menu was passed around and signed for K'lvar. He was absent and shall remain so as he is in naval basic training. He will eventually be certified to work on the warp reactors of naval vessels. We shall miss him for the years to come, but this is a very strategic move that shall improve his rank and pay in future years.

RotokQ was able to debut his new leather medieval bodice. This piece was built by sQweezinart to be reversable. Green or grey. He now has the start on non "Old Gold" outfit.

It was decided that the next Good Day to Dine would be another Fort Worth Walkabout. So this is now being planned. Contact times and places will be announced as developed.

It was fun. It was families. And it was klingon.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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