Good Day to Dine, June 2003

After Encounter Report for the LSWA's Good Day to Dine of June, 2003.

This gathering took place at Souper Salad. The venue is basically the biggest salad buffet that you can imagine. We could really stuff our faces for less cost than most places. They also have a small spud and soup line.

JudmoS and Amanda brought this really big boy along. It is amazing how tall and strong Josh is getting.

We all got to gether and and a great time grazing in the grasses available and raiding the ice cream machine. True, klingons would eat meat, but it was still good eating doing the cowie thing.

Kvlar was discussing his metal work and showing some samples. The rest of us continued to work out ideas for Tshirts, business cards and flyers. As occurs at many of the Good Days to Dine, much klin communication was accomplished. However, a lot of the conversation was eclectic and decidedly non-klin. A good example was the rather non klin discussion about motorcycles.

We had a new klingon show up. With Stump being new the guy, he came to this event as his first Good Day to Dine. Soon, hopefully, he shall have a uniform made.

The next venue was decided upon. There is a "Super Jumbo Buffet" located in Arlington in the Cooper/Arkansas area. One of our longer distance members suggested it and it stuck. I'll try to find out a proper address and post it well before it is needed.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
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