AER: Spring INformal Campout, 2008

AER: Spring INformal, 2008

Time once again for this low key, low stress event. Time for a gathering of klin and mundanes to have casual fun together.

7 tents. 10 present to play.

In keeping the low key theme or lack thereof, not many things were done. There was gathering around the campfires to sing, read poetry, and tell jokes. The kids bicycled the pavement. The grups bicycled the off road track. Various foods were sacrificed to the open flame.

Saturday, a 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia landed nearby. Time to meet and greet! He gave both sQueeze and I tours of his VW Vanagon. We gave him advice on the care and feeding of his new purchase.

This campout was not plagued by Murphy nearly badly as VWV and DT1. However, there were a few bugaboos. Our ChiCom (WalMart) tent had its zipper fail. We need to get a good U.S. made tent. After leaving the camp, just as I parked the Karmann back at home, the brake master cylinder blew and I had (have) *NO* brakes at that point. Both circuits are gone. Weird. At least it was safely on my "work pad" when it blew. Bad juju!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Weather was nearly perfect. It was a good time with good friends.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Ship's Brewer


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