Kling Opps One

After Action Report for Kling Opps One.

In this event our ship operated as a paintball team against the Commissioned Officers and personnel of the Dalworthington Gardens Police and Fire/Rescue departments.

I don't have the names of our opponents to offer, but for our side we had present:
Krell, sporting a new semi-automatic in glorious cammo
Person2, who planted a nice covered area to assemble
Dr. Gizmo, who planted warning signage around the area
RotokQ, sporting his new semi-auto

Thank you Linda for the food, cake, and coffee!

Though a targ was planted out in the back 40, there was not a targ hunt as planned. We started off the day with a "capture the flag" game. In this first battle, Person2 managed to walk into the enemy and resolved himself before he could fire a single shot. I was hidden in the creek with my weapon registered on our flag area. I heard fighting all around and then the enemy runner jumped into the creek to join me. There was a fierce gunbattle as we kept ducking into the grasses and popping up to shoot. Ultimately, I had the problem that I had only grass to eat in my position and my opponent backed into a re-entrant. From there, he stayed below sight and held his gun overhead just shooting away. At that point, it was only a matter of time until he lucked out since I only had grass covering me. I died gloriously in a gunbattle at very close range. We were about 15 feet away from each other but could hardly see each other for the grass. After killing me, he took the flag and was nearly resolved by Hegh who was under the bridge also covering the flag. That Runner just plain lucked out. We ultimately lost as the flag made it back to their base.

Next battle was a team on team. Somebody else will need to report on it. I was originally intending to film it. But the rain became too heavy to risk the camera and we had two mundanes show up that had to be intercepted. I and the dead kept up a running conversation with them answering their questions about what we were doing and klindom. Hopefully, they will consider joining our ship. What I do know is that we were wiped out again.

Last battle was a "defend the fort" that went into the darkness. The enemy was "defending the tree" as a fort. However, they used a very agressive defense. There were firefights all around the area as contact was made by our attacking forces and periodic contacts with their skirmishers. Hegh and I remained in contact and kept raining shells down into the tree hoping to either occupy the defenders or maybe even kill one, while allowing the rest of our team to take the distracted enemy. As others of our line advanced, more rounds rained into the tree. We found out later that their one guy actually remaining in the tree had been kept so busy that he ran out of rounds and was shooting gas to keep us at bay. In the meantime, their agressive defense had placed a skirmisher who's intent was to neutralize me. What he did not realize is that Hegh and I were covering each other and were two targets. He thought that he was only pursuing one. I realized the crossfire and changed positions to kill him and protect Hegh. By now, it was dark dark and we just managed to see each other in the dark at the same time. He managed to shoot first and I took it in the facemask at a pretty decent range for a single shot in the dark. Thinking that Hegh and I were one, my assailant managed to talk to his buddy who arrived, plan an advance, and do all of this talking feet from Hegh who was taking notes and getting ready to kick butt. My assailant managed to jump into the bush on top of Hegh. Bad move. Hegh was ready. Too bad that it was a MAD. For some reason, they managed to neutralize us in the dark whereby they had all but one and we were down to only Gizmo. They spent a long time looking for the Giz. I actually don't know the final roundup, but we did manage to take the tree even if we eventually were wiped out.

We had fun. There is no doubt about that.

But I'm wanting to do the corporate study thing and figure out why we had such a one sided day. We only had one kill for the entire day. We kept getting wiped out. We need to find out what happened so that we can do a better showing next time.

Again, guys, please send in your own AER information and corrections for my report.

Strength and Honor
Salek the Surprised
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

As the nut case who set this event up,I take the blame for certain failures for sunday so; SOOOO SORRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!!! First Event was capture the flag, the polizei took the woods and we attacked; they had a forward sniper at the edge of the woods and as RotokQ and I moved up,I ended up right in front of him. I turned to signal RotokQ and looked the sniper right in the face ,pop one shot to the back as I tried in vain to roll out of the way. A fire-fight erupted and continued for some time, I saw their runner grab the flag and retreat under cover to his start point; game over!!! Game 2 head to head with medics they attacked us.We bunkered down in the woods, we had the paths covered and suddenly they were behind us. I have since discovered that our opponents appear to have exited the park into the private property to the north and re-entered the park in our rear. The dread fog of combat was enhanced by our fogged up mask's and not being sure whom I was shooting at I went flat under an evergreen tree.I then entered a four way duel with our opponents,between all the incoming rounds and almost a totally fogged up mask I took a hit to the right side and exited the field. I found Salek with 2 civvies who claimed they didn't see the warning signs and refused to exit the area even when warned they were in danger of getting shot! Game 3 was defend the fort with the cops in a big tree;I went out and around and ended up behind them with a barbed wire fence in the way. I crawled thru it and was working my way inch by inch thru the open when it got real quiet.When I saw the car lights in the parking area come on I realised I was alone!! I think it would be NICE if somebody would yell out when the game is considered over; however I was able to simply walk up to the tree and claim a personal victory (I didn't get killed that game). I found out upon getting to the parking area that Gizmo had already gotten to the tree for a Klin victory, so my getting there was secondary. We had a bit of a problem with shots from to close a range and will have to rectify that; as well as verifying the play area borders.Overall a good showing by our side; the DWG side having a bit of a problem with the show time and delaying the start of play by over an hour. Thank you to one and all who were able to show up.Thanks to K'lin for the food and drinks. Our main problem in my personal opinion is that we operated as 6 individuals against a 5 person team.We need to work on TEAM tactics, moving as a group and covering everyone of the team members. From my position as first killed I was able to observe Gizmo and Krell working somewhat as a team, Salek and Hegh seemed to cooperate although Hegh should have gotten that runner!!I missed some of that but believe he was busy with opponents to his right at the time. I intend to see about acquiring an air horn to signal with I will let you all know about that !! Thanks again for making this happen!!!

Sincerely Person2


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