Paintball Nov23, 2002

AER for the paintball outing of November 23rd.

This was our first outing at Captain3's uncle's place. Disregarding how wonderful the property was, this gentleman is a great person to be around. I believe that I can speak for all of us when I say that we all felt welcomed by this gent.
The land itself was not as rough as expected. There was access to porcelein facilities and water. There were open areas interspersed with thicket or defensible areas. Creek beds and other forms of lows allowed for trench warfare. Like Chicken Plucker's, the cultivated land was free of briars and stickers. Only in some of the thicket did you face pokeys. And even then, they were not that bad. Somewhere in the back forty there was a partial clubhouse that was used as a bunker.
Lord G, our guest is a serious paintballer with some serious equipment. He greatly assisted with the Arms Race. He brought a compressed air weapon with a battery operated hopper. He loaned a Warrior a weapon that has the Amston riflled barrel that has attracted the attention of a few of us. Another item of importance for him was that his parmachai donned hunters orange and took Person2's camera as a combat photographer.

During the lunch hour, the Gizmo and I whipped out my 424 stove and had some nice ribeye steaks while the rest had sandwiches. (Sorry, had to rub that one in.)

We were a little light in the beer category but survived.

Of that that I can rememeber, we did:

first game out was a simple 4 on 4 each team out to kill the other
capture the flag, two games
mutant hunt, two of them, and then a
bunker hunt at the end

There may have been more battles, but I don't remember all of this nor could I see all of it since I was only one target in a bigger battle.

I'm inclined to believe that since we had a complete daylight day of fun, that we all are sporting more bruises than usual. I was not in any bunkering crew, therefore I was cannon fodder for those that we were seeking. At this time I have 4 arm bruises, 2 leg bruises, I had 7 hits in my body armor during the day and two in my helmet/mask. Oh, and one solid shot in my right foot. I have not yet had this many bruises or taken this much paint. We had a long day of fun.

Some of the highlights that I can remember, and please understand that this is only one Target's recollection...

During one of the capture the flag battles, we started out with a wonderful artillery duel. As the range closed I faced Captain3 and a Warrior laying down supressive fire that put an end to the artillery work. Later, I found my happy hiney pinned down thinking that this was a re-run of the assault that Captain3 made on my position at Deliverance. What did occur was a Warrior handed Captain3 his weapon and did a Jesse Owens for the flag which would have worked perfectly except that Hegh (defending) was in the tree that had the flag. Poor Warrior was blasted (unknown to me) and when he walked back out of the tree I think that I landed some 3 rounds or more on him. He should look pretty good with his shirt off tomorrow. Captain3 with twin weapons had single handedly suppressed my defensive fire and I had taken a defensive position instead of remaining in the open for a firefight. Then the Great Captain3 comes out of the path doing this Steven Seagal number with two weapons firing at two different targets. He was trying to suppress Hegh in the tree and myself who was guarding the path. I managed to change sides of my bush and lay a few rounds across the Steven Seagal wannabe. In debriefing the he described the chub he got while fullfilling his dream of walking into battle with twin weapons. He had fun. I got my only legit kill in for the day. Everybody else had fun, too. That was a great battle.

In one of the battles I was in a running duel with Hegh. We were both shooting and manuvering for cover. As I was running sideways while shooting I pulled a less than brilliant move and ran into a fencepost while running sideways. It smashed my trigger finger between my gun and the post. My weapon was scratched. But worst of all my hopper was knocked off while I was in the open so I was shooting balls as fast as I could pick them off of the ground with my gloved hands and place them into the loading tube of the gun until I managed to find and replace my hoppper. I was really lucky that Hegh did not assault me because I could not have more than 3 rounds in the weapon at any one time until I got that hopper back on.

This was the second time that I have been on the wrong side of the Gizmo, we had a really good running duel. For once I had the opportunity to pursue him successfully while he was bunkered and lofting at one of my team mates. I managed to approach him at a 90 degree angle and IFF successfully. When I had a clear shot it took too many to get the range and he turned from his original antagonist to me. I knew that I had his attention when I saw that laser shining through the bushes and off of my facemask. I managed to duck before the balls arrived. He painted the bushes heavily and the spray colored me to prove it. After one of his famous fighting withdrawals I pursued him and 3 times we stopped for a brief exchange of balls. Sometimes, though, brief is only in the eye of the beholder. While pursuing him I encountered Captain3 as his Lord Protector and that was the end of my battle.

In one capture the flag, the teams abruptly attrited to the point that I had to go for the flag. After suppressive fire where I expected to find defenders, I made a run for the flag ala the Warrior to achieve the flag. At that point, Lord G did some long range sniping and tore me apart. While groveling back to the party of the dead, which was somewhat near our flag, I had the opportunity to see Person1' take our flag and promptly turn colors courtesy of Dr. Gizmo. Stalemate. But a fun stalemate.

In the last battle, which was a bunker hunt, I managed to get myself into a wonderful trenchline to assault Captain3, Gizmo, and Person1. However, I took an interesting headshot that somehow splattered through my helmet/mask into my left eye. BANG! ARG! I could not see but much to my surprise, the paintball paint does not hurt that badly in the eye.

Person1 gets the dubious distinction of singing soprano at this battle. After Deliverance, I'll gladly pass on this honor.

Gizmo put a hit on Person2 that took Person2 out of the game for a while. Apparently it was a leg hit on a nerve center and upon the hit, his leg went numb. Actually, that hit took out two opponents as a Warrior assisted Person2 off of the playing field. After the battle, Person2 was ok. It was just one of those flukes.

Late, very late news. This is actually from the Deliverance Wars. I forgot to mention that while Gizmo was bunkered in the woods and being pursued, his parmachai called him on his cell phone. Ooops For today's Wars, his parmachai agreed to wait until being called.

I know that there were many more things that I observed or participated in. But I can only report what I saw. I'm am hoping that the other guys will post their own AER's to fill in the blanks and add to the story.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

Lord Salek was very thorough. My report is as follows:
There were 6 scenarios in total,
1) Team on team combat
This was a combat of 4 on 4. Myself, Person1, Warrior, and Salek vs. G, Person2, Gizmo and Hegh. I felt good about this one, as I took out three of the opposing team before I fell prey to Gizmo in a running firefight. At one point while trying to avoid getting shot by both Hegh and Gizmo, I took a header into the brush while backpedaling from the barrage from the two bunkered and hunkered OPFOR's. The bad part of me upgrading my ammo hopper was that I obtained a clear green tinted one. The part that was bad was that in the light, Gizmo could see that I was almost out of ammo and thus ultimately pasted me, ending the combat. I found out as we were walking back to the Base camp, I had taken out Hegh with a lucky shot to the leg. Lord G and Person2 fell to me when they walked right in front of me and my hidey hole.
After this combat we decided the rules were a wounding shot takes out the limb and a kill is middle or head. With a wound you can still fight, dead is dead.
2) Mutant
This game was given to us by Lord G. The rules are that two go out as mutants, the rest stalk them as humans. If a mutant gets shot once, he dies. If a human gets shot once he announces "I am a mutant!" thus giving those around him time to un-ass the AO. Two shots kill a human and take them out of the game. In this combat, I did not even get to fire once. We were reconning a field looking for the mutants when I saw mutant-Person2 out of the corner of my eye. When I turned and started after with human-Person1 and human-Gizmo, I was shot square in the back by mutant-G. I did my best ballet spin and kissed the deck after getting hit two more times, not getting a chance to shout jack-shit. This was the battle to which the lower head shot award goes to G on Person1. I did not see how the rest of this battle went as I took the walk of shame back to base camp.

Lunch break: Salek can kiss my pink ass about his cooking a steak. My sandwich was good and I was geared back up for another battle while he was still cooking his "meat" (looked like a little piece of scrap. A steak to me is at least 14 ounces. His looked like about 2. I know that there is a shot to be made here, but I will leave it on the floor where I dropped it.)

3) Mutant
Mutant-Captain3 and Mutant-Gizmo against the world. We played a good game. Gizmo and myself set up in a staggered position to lead the humans into a crossfire. When the encounter came, I decided on a tactics change. I saw that the humans wouldnt come the right way so I opened fire and then ran like a scalded ass ape through the brush, leading them to Gizmo. As I was running, I passed Gizmo and let him know that I was being followed. When I stopped, I waited for the OPFOR to appear. The only one that poked his head out was Salek. He started a firefight with Gizmo and took a hit making him a mutant. I went deeper into the brush and found G and Person1, turning them into mutants with lucky shots. We then went into a skirmish line and went out after the remaining humans. As we hunted, I fell prey to Hegh in a good firefight in which Salek fell as well. In the end the mutants came out on top. I cant remember who took Hegh.
4) Capture the flag
I will only agree with Salek. I got the chub of my life, as well as taking 4 hits from 2 people (including a good head shot), doing the Rambo trick with 2 PB guns and laying down a line of fire that would put a chain gun to shame. BY THE, GODS IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!!! I will also say that for a guy the same size as me, G can do the scalded assed ape run quite good as well. He took the flag and made it back to our base thus ending the game.
5) Capture the flag
Again, Salek verses it better than I. I did get to do the Rambo thing again, DOUBLE SCHWING!!!! I fell to Person2 whom I took with me. He was doing the Rambo thing too. I think that he and I shot about 50 rounds each before we killed each other. This battle ended in a stalemate.
6) Bunker
Myself, Gizmo and Person1 vs. the world. We found good hiding spots and waited for them to come to us. We did, however, start to get impatient and started talking loudly, hoping to draw them to us. It worked. Lord G heard the sound and came at us. He fired for response and ended up hitting Person1. At this point I saw Salek comming from across the field and he dove into a good covered gulley. He poked his head up and I oblidged him by getting the face shot (in truth, he was so fast that I didnt get the chest shot that I was trying for and he got it in the face, Sorry again Brother). I died as I came out to get G and as I took him, Hegh took me. Hegh and Warrior then went Gizmo hunting. At his point myself and the others went up to the Base camp but we did find out that Gizmo got dead by Hegh, Warrior and Person2.

All in all, it was the best day of combat!!!
My thanks go to my uncle, who put up with the madness and actually enjoyed watching. He said that he had a good time and said we should come again.
My thanks also go to the Warriors there for the day. GLORIOUS!!!

Thus, my report ends....

Strength and Honor
Lord Captain3


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