Paintball April 5, 2003

AER for the paintball outing of April 5th, 2003.

Paintball combat, 4-5-03.
Events are as follows:
We arrived a little later than expected, no worries though. Total combatants in attendance, 12. After set up and safety brief, we got right down to business.

Game 1: Team on Team
We broke into 2 six man/woman teams. Combat in this instance was meant to initiate the cherries that were in attendance. Combat was fierce and when the CO2 gas settled, Person1 and Hegh were the only ones left standing, both of whom were on the same team. Person1 actually shot his mate, Person1A, who was the last one standing on the opposing team. 1st instance of friendly fire. I, Captain3, shot Person2 due to the fact that he looked (equipment and movement wise) like Hegh, so I shot him. It was a good grouping though, even if he was on my team

Game 2: Mutant
3 Warriors, Krell, 3 of 13, and Person1, were the Mutants. After a long hunt, contact was made with the OPFOR. We then traded shots back and forth until 1 mutant, Krell, was left. During the hunt, myself and BuroQ, started getting fire from Person2. After a good firefight, I got Person2, at which point he called out "Mutant!". He was firing at his own team and didnt know it. This brings the issue of ID's for mutants and humans, to distinguish the combatants. After dispatching Person2, I moved up and was then shot by Krell, making me a mutant. After the 10 count I turned and took 7 shots to the neck and back. Gizmo took Krell from the rear at the same time as BuroQ got me.

Game 3: Hostage
This was, by far, the coolest game. 3 terrorists were sent out with a hostage. After setting their camp, a whistle was blown to signal the start. We moved to the camp and started taking fire from the probe droid Person1. We moved to the camp and took Person1 (face shot, thank you) and 3 of 13. Person2 was bunkered with the hostage used as cover for his position. After making contact, it was determined that the hostage had been turned and had to be eliminated. When I shot the hostage, after he shot at the rescue team, Person2 opened up from his bunker and took me out. He was then shot in the face by BuroQ (he put it out there a second too long). I also got first blood in this match, Person1s face shot went in his mask and scratched him up. Lunch Break: Food and fun, weapons refit and repair.

Game 4: Team on Team
I didnt see much of this game, someone else will have to AER it as I got shot early on.

Game 5: Team on Team
Myself, Krell, Person2, Gizmo and 3 of 13 were the OPFOR. We set out suprises for the other team, they didnt really work, but they were a novel concept with improvements in the works. This was a unique game. The individuals with the training (Military, Security) were on the same team. We worked well together and took no casualties. We had another close instance of friendly fire, I shot at Person2 AGAIN (when he looks like Hegh and comes from the same area I saw Hegh moving in, I shoot) but a branch took the shot instead. We whacked the other team, with little difficulty, no offense to the OPFOR. We utilized cover fire and movement very effectively.

Game 6: Free for all
Again, someone will have to AER, I was the 2nd one shot. After we were done, we went to the camp and cleaned up and BS'ed until the impending storm forced our departure. Kudo's to the Hosts, they made our stay great and invited us back when we have our annual family reunion in May, Memorila day weekend. I told them we would love to, I will be there anyway, so you guys should come up. Today proved another example of practice makes perfect. Less ammo blown off, more tactical proficiency in unit type operations and movement. AND....,longer games, proof that we are improving.

FYI, no Batleth practice tomorrow, 4-6-03. We made a command decision and all agreed to cancel until next week. We would only make targets anyway, too SORE!

Strength, Honor and Pain


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