Shootout in Bowie, Sept 2003

AER for the Assassin's Guild's Shootout in Bowie, Sept 2003

Hopefully, this shall eventually be a very long read. There was too much going on for me to post a single AER. I shall email out a collective AER when they are compiled. However, I shall attempt a summary for those wanting a quick answer.

This event was sponsored by the Assassin's Guild and went off very well. We had many species arrive to fight including two mundanes from Arkansas. (Pro level shooter Duke Trimble and son, Aaron) Adding the Chicken Phuquer gave us 3 attendees from as far away as west Arkansas.
We saw some serious equipment show up. Aaron was using an Autococker. There were 3 98's with two of those being Flatlines. Hegh had an A5 and CF had that autoeroginizing A5/flatline/response trigger. It's an LMG for crying out loud!!!! I don't remember what Duke had, but you know it had to be nasty. Preacher brought and one fellow used a nice little 10 shot .68 pistol. Sweet little thing. I want one.
Krell had a mishap damaging the forcing cone of his semi sending him back to his very deadly pump gun. I suffered a rectocranial insertion and did not think to offer him a barrel. Sorry about that Lord Krell. My bad.
We had great weather, a decent place to base, lots of attendees and an all around good time. Five combat events took place with varying results. The sixth event was a debriefing at IHOP where they tolerated us with great service and good senses of humor. Some pictures were taken. I think that a little video footage was also shot though it was not done by the "official" camera so I am not sure where/who it went with.
>end summary<

The first Shootout in Bowie was a great success; other than an Assassin Scenario in which the Assassins failed to kill the target!!! We had a bit of a problem with the convoy breaking up on the way up, but I blame Salek for that; whether it was his fault or not!! HA HA HA!!! The first bout was a Free for all; I moved off to the area past the white gate and ended up being ambushed by Warrior, he heard me cussing and thought he got me I guess but it being a leg shot I was able to keep shooting and nailed him!! I got a few shots at someone as they passed and was crawling round when the bout ended!! Bout 2: Team on Team; I joined a sweep team and I was eventually caught up in a long distance fight with my own brother the FERENGI PersonD and took one to the head as I tried to take cover in some bushes.Bout 3: Dukes Predator game, a form of what we call Mutant;1 Predator goes out he shoots you ;you are a predator. To kill a predator you need a chest shot,otherwise he is immune so head,leg, arm, back, etc. have no effect!! We formed a hunt pack to sweep the main field for our volunteer Jorge and had swept all the way back to the big gully in the rear when we heard the call Predator,Predator, Predator from up front;so we turned and rushed that way. Upon entering the open field we were ambushed and butchered each other at very close ranges. We thought we had all been turned and were exiting the field when that Ferengi called out and we found him to be the last survivor having been hunkered down when he found hisself surrounded by Predators!!!Bout4: The Assassin Scenario; 3x two man sniper teams go out; the Vip and his 6 man team of bullet catchers escort him round a set coarse. The escort can call on back-up once they are fired upon but only 2 at a time!!! I bunkered along the back road with Chicken Phucker as cover;we heard the initial round of fire as they ran into Gizmo,Krell,Jorge and Hegh. I am not sure but somewhere along the way the Chicken got caught and eliminated. I spotted the escort and target; was passed twice by the Naussie and his scouts and was slowly moving to take a shot when the group moved forward. I tried to freeze but the damn Vulcan walked right up on top of me and spotted something ,calmly said hello and shot me in the head; I should have just opened up on the group instead of waiting for a clean kill shot!! Bout 5: Flag Grab, we of the blue team never heard the car horn signalling the start of the bout. We spotted Person2 moving in behind us and the Naussie and Ferengi moving up, so Duke and his boy moved to intercept with me as cover and the rest going after Person2 and trying to spread out. Duke and son got in a fire fight with the Ferengi; which they lost. The Naussie mistook me for the Ferengi and died. I swept wide to come up behind the flag and ended up facing RotokQ who must have thought me one of his team because he stood still and gave me a clean burst on him. I broke left and spotted Captain3 and another flag guard. I moved further aft of the Captain3 and was able to walk across the open area to a position immediately behind him; but fogged up so bad that when he stepped out in front of me I just fired till he yelled!!! I tried to slip up closer to the flag and was picked off by Geoffrey who made a great shot thru some brush and hit me full in the face;worst of all he was using my spare Bruizer to do it with. We returned in defeat to the base camp. I handed out Campaign Ribbons to all the shooters and to Mark who graciously played Referee and served as the VIP for the Assassin bout. I gave out a Photographer Pin to Miss Person1A,Gizmo got the 1st Blood pin;Hegh got a purple heart,a 2nd purple heart went to someone,I believe Captain3's nephew Jimmy. Top non-klin shooter went to our Ferengi PersonD ;my brother.Gizmo and Krell I believe got the top 2 Klin shooter pins;although I'm not sure who got which,and I do not recall who got the 3rd place shooter pin. The Assassin Guild members recieved their rank/membership pins and a Coup de tat took place which got weird when a senior assassin was taken out by our newest and youngest member.I got her back to reclaim the Guildmaster title again Sunday. I want to thank everyone for their attendance and especially Chicken Phucker,Duke and his son for having traveled all the way from Arkansas. Thanks to one and all for the cooperation,comraderie,fair play and safety in which the whole event took place. I plan on setting up another one of these and hope to shoot you again real soon!!!!
GuildMaster Person2 Epetai K'Iss The Assassin's Of The Republic.

From my near sighted perspective:

First off, Captain3 attempts to kill a ceiling fan that was in the way. This was a serious attempt with a paintball gun that was probably brought on by all of the walking skyscrapers banging their heads on the two kerosene lanterns that were hung at about, oh, um, some 10,000 feet thereby clearing most normal sized traffic.

We started off with a "free for all". In this event I was bunkered down behind a concrete wall shooting through the concrete blocks at Lord Krell. Lord Krell was edging around a small building. We continued a really serious pissing contest but neither able to hit each other though he painted my facemask with the spray of misses bursting in the concrete blocks, and I shot the scope on his blaster much to his surprise. During this time, Duke crept up and shot me from nowhere to put me out of this round.

Team on Team:
Next was a team on team annihilation. We divided into red and blue teams (armbanded with colored duct tape). Red team took the field giving them the bunker advantage. Blue team went out to challenge. Kvlar and I became a fireteam and he was introduced to bounding overwatch. The other fireteam near us also were bounding through and with us. I give Kvlar credit where credit is due. He grasped the concept and did a very good job of proper bounding overwatch as we two fireteams advanced.
We got into a furball with at least three (probably more) Red team members. At this point my memory goes pretty bad. I do recall being hit in the leg and having to crawl down the creekbed due to incoming from at least 3 Red Team members. We suffered no casualties while in a general furball with the Red Team. I managed to get onto the woodpile to attempt fire direction and my own throw weight. I remained there with the other three of our squad engaged against what appeared to be an equal number. (No idea what our other squad was doing as they were heavily engaged out of our line of sight.) At some point I was sniped off of the woodpile and had to leave the field. Our other three were still going strong when I groveled back to base.

Lunch time.

Assassin's Guild Scenario:
Three sniper teams were sent into the "triangle". 6 bodyguards had to escort the unarmed "VIP" (a brave Mark West) around the perimeter of the triangle.
The sniper that I was assigned to (Krell) bunkered very well with the object that I was going to approach from elsewhere and draw bodyguard firepower and attention leaving the Principle open to a shot. I had decided to attract this attention in a slightly different manner. I had a Tippmann grenade. I was going to leave my 98 in the grass and do the "raghead run" and try to grenade the Principle up close and personal like.
A problem occured. Nobody blew a starting whistle and I was caught very much out in the open when the VIP Team entered the playing field. That pretty much ruined me as any sort of effective and it was only a matter of time before I died via a headshot from Kvlar.
Very short battle for me. And I know nothing of how it went for Krell or the other two sniper teams.
Very good scenario. Very fun to play for those who remained in or were on the sidelines.

Only frontal 8-10 point ring hits count on this one.
I stupidly volunteered to be the "Predator" on this one thus I took off into the bush to ambush some poor sot.
I wound up firing at somebody who escaped my corkscrew rounds. His partner joined him and then I had two to tango with. We shot a few rounds at each other as I was hugging the ground to protect my chest. As my face mask became splattered I decided that I did not really want a head or face shot so I rolled away, stood up and ran. I took two rounds in the armor as I bugged out. But Captain3, Preacher, Krell, et al. were on me very quickly. Too quickly.
We wound up in another grass cutting contest. I vaporized to find another good spot. I was not hit during the "retreat" and got far enough away to set up another hopeful ambush.
CF and somebody else were dogging the heck out of me. CF chased me for a good 10-20 meters before I tried to vaporize into a trench. He walked up on my trenchline just plastering the crap out of my leg armor. I was laying in the trench in a fetal position to protect my kill zone with my legs when I managed to put 5 rounds through the bushes to hit him and gain another predator. Then, I pulled a real stupid in this one. CF shot me in a location that was not a kill hit according to the Predator rules, but under normal rules it would kill. He shot me in the armpit of my armor. Hurting like a (*&^% I got confused at the time and declared myself dead. But I did not realize that I was still legally alive until after I openly declared myself dead. Darn. Effective technical suicide. So the upshot is that I replaced myself as a dead Predator with a live Predator. I really wish that I had not screwed up because I was having some serious fun. But declaring myself dead, I walked back to the base camp. It would not have been fair to declare dead, then become undead.

Capture the Flag:
Finally, a team on team with static positions. I needed this to try out my portable pillbox. As blue team, we got to go out to "other end" to place our flag.
We originally started with a good plan and discipline going. I was using the pillbox to cover the flag and most approaches. Others were to cover the rest of the approaches through the woods and fend off grasslanders. However, the younger crew allowed themselves to be tempted away from the "base" leaving the flag and their overeager selves less protected. we no longer had superior firepower but were divided into a fireteam and to fairly independent gunners. CF and I were too busy defending the flag from at least 3 (possibly more) Reds. We kept the enemy suppressed, drove some out of the trees and fencelines, and held the territory until a sniper took me out of the pillbox.
CF's gun would not work in it so he had to duel it out with the sniper until he was taken down in a 2 on 1 firefight. Then one of the returning independents received CF's LMG as he was killed. The young fellow blasted away paintballs like there was no tomorrow until somebody took him out.
In this scenario, a combatant changing position ran across the road and behind (temporarily) the cameraman. Thus the cameraman was a casualty in spite of the vest. Camera survived at least.

Next scenario was a beer only scenario and well earned. After fellowship, cleanup, and a good time recounting the events, we went to the Decatur IHOP to eat before the drive home.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

Limited Input from the Vulcan target, in no particular order but I think in approximate sequence:

SitRep 1 - Free For All. I hunkered down in a nice dark covered hole and waited for some patsy to stroll by in the bright sunny open field. Whistle blew, patsy strolled, fire exchanged. I got hit in the crotch (thank God for the cup) and patsy didn't get touched. As I was walking out the patsy was assaulted by the Feringi in a clump of bushes. Same scenario, patsy miraculously missed and Feringi hit. The apparently bullet proof patsy who required no cover then joined us on our walk out with a jammed weapon. Total time - 2 minutes, honor of first casualty of the day belongs to myself.

SitRep 2 - Team Play. I hunkered in another dark hole watching the road and field waiting for patsies with a sniper behind me. I successfully drew and returned fire allowing the sniper to do his job while I walked out dripping paint off my head. 5 minutes waiting, 1 minute of gunplay. My one and only bruise of the day obtained from Chicken Phucker with his flatline.

SitRep 3 - Assassin Guild Scenario - walking the target. Surprisingly enough, my personal favorite. While escorting an alleged VIP, the escort team fell under fire and had to locate and flush 3 two man teams of snipers. We lost 3 of the original 6 protectors, bagging 5 of the 6 snipers. The protection team kept 2 to 3 men on the alleged VIP at all times with single and two man teams running forward and flanking actions. I maintained rear guard and radio contact with our front scout through the first fire fight that claimed Gizmo's assistant, Hegh, but missed Gizmo. No shooting but lots of yelling on my part. Lost our forward scout (trench coat man), so radio coordination was lost. I participated in the locating flushing and eventual elimination of Salek, although I did not get the kill - just maintained pinning and location fire for the guy with the high dollar gun. I did locate and eliminate Person2 after the near blind Nausican strolled past him twice. Person2's gillie suit was very impressive, but apparently not quite right to a color blind Vulcan. Something behind the brush looked odd, and his movement was the give away - stay still next time Person2, and you might get away with it. Continued the game on flank and forward flush, missing out on the remainder of the shooting, but was pumped enough from the three previous encounters to be happy. Alleged VIP successfully walked past the snipers to safe ground. The Feringi and I were expecting a slaughter, but events turned out in our favor, and bragging rights do not go to the assassins guild this time. Unless letting your target live is something to brag about.

SitRep 4 - Predator. Rules were a bit rushed and somewhat unclear during this one, so the last few minutes were a bit confusing. My nephew and I spent the first 2/3 of the event stomping through bushes and creek beds way the hell back by the rear fence line with trench coat man while skinny butt Salek was way the hell up front converting people. By the time we joined the last few humans, it was a chaotic screaming running battle that ended for me when the Nausican beside me was turned and politely gave me the opportunity to surrender while Captain3 continued spraying my limited cover. While debating my options Captain3 caught my forearm and made the final decision for me. I finished the game watching the Nausican die by Gizmo and walking out with a group of former humans. We assumed Gizmo was the last human, but on the way out we were informed by the Feringi hunkered down in a hole that we were wrong.

SitRep 5 - Capture The Flag. Successful strategy, but I still died. Person1 and I took left assault and hustled forward to the Blue Teams position, slipping out into the open field. We elected to give away our position and force the three visible flag guards to deal with a multi front scenario. All three of the visible flag guards left their positions and took up chasing Person1 and I - bad form guys, leave some one at the flag. We split and drew fire, engaging in a high trajectory lobbing match while waiting for our team mates to come up from another direction. Unfortunately, while changing position and sliding into cover, a random lob hit me and I got to walk out. Person1 followed about 5 minutes later. I do not know the final outcome of the match as I had other obligations to attend too, initiating my departure.

An enjoyable time was had by myself and my family. Remarkably little post event, morning after pain and stiffness, and only one little bruise on the bicep. I didn't have to eat paint either, which is always a plus. My only regret is not being able to paint Person1 or the Nausican. Looking forward to the next event, and making tentative plans for an Arkansas trip.

Hope to shoot each of you some day. Some of you twice. Person1 more than that, just because of that hair thing he has.

Buroq of Vulcan
(Bill Burks of Venus, Texas)


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