Paintball Feb 28th, 2004

After Encounter Report: Paintball Outing

This actually was a Ghostwalkers event. Since the local Ghostwalkers consist largely of our local klin, and we went as a group, I am posting a klingon AER as though this were an IKV Melota event.
The Ghostwalkers is a paintball only group that was originally a spinoff from the IKV Melota. They started as the paintball team and grew beyond our own borders as a separate Yahoogroup and shooting group. As Ghostwalkers, we maintain a purely mundane situation to gain other paintballers that are not interested in the klingon thing. As klin, we maintain a "double life" putting up the mundane face for the paintball.
Future posts shall be posted as an IKV Melota event without the Ghostwalker reference for klingon purposes. Ghostwalker AER's shall be posted SEPARATELY on the Ghostwalker and other paintball lists as Ghostwalker Events without klingon references.

We had a slight revolving door of shooters all day long. As some would have to leave, others would arrive to take their places. Thus 2 four man teams were fairly solid for the entire day. We also had a person new to us arrive. Mike Riley (Ghostwalker) arrived to be the only non-klin present at this event.

The only real negatives of the day were twofold:
1) The wind. You could forget long distance shots. Everything had to be up close and personal.
2) We had one minor injury of sorts. A recaltrant tree ran in front of Geoff while was in a running firefight. Geoff was checked out and merely bruised. The tree was thoroughly scolded and told to go home for its offense.

Otherwise, it was a perfect day. Temp was not cold enough to effect the equipment, but not warm enough to make you sweat in your armor. Many scenarios were played. Many bruises given and taken. We did discover that some fencelines were down and we found ourselves out of the park where we were allowed to play. From then on, we had to watch where we were. Bummer. The off limits area had a really nice wood structure that made a fine bunker. Some material was filmed. It will eventually show up online.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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