Plano Convention October 2002

After Encounter Report, Plano Con. Oct12-13

After a less than timely start (my fault), Dr. Gizmo and I arrived to find a splended recruiting table run by Krell and Linda. Flags, banners, wooden props for sale, this was really looking good. Turnout was exceptionally good!!!! By both attendees and our klingon security contingent. This was also the largest Con that I am aware of us ever providing security for and yet, we had the oddball embarrassing situation that we had more security power than they needed. This is a good thing. It is much better than the opposing issue which sometimes plagues klingon ships.

After being assigned to our location without a radio for communications, Dr. Gizmo and I had a pretty good time watching the attendees and maintaining the lines to keep the hallways open. Our other security attendees performed their functions as assigned. This was probably the first Con that we have been to that theft was not an issue so that was a good thing for the vendors, but we also therefore had no excitement to report about in that department. The Con Guests were quite friendly and talkative with one notable exception. The recruiting table was going great guns as mundanes and potential recruits would stop and ask for information about our activities. (Go Krell and Linda!)

On the second day, the recruiting table was manned by Lord Captain3 who kept the world rotating for us. Yes, he was literally taking names (and kicking figurative butt). Dr. Gizmo and I were split up and assigned to work inside around the guests and other places so we got a nice change of scenery. We had more fun that eating woolly worms. If you were not there, you missed out.

And now, for the REALLY GOOD STUFF....

The IKV Dangerous Blade drove down from Joplin Missouri for this convention. Therefore, we had an opportunity to meet in real life another ship on an "away mission" of their own. We were very impressed with their Captain and crew present. They are very much of the same mind as we. This ship has the same core membership size of the IKV Melota. They have the same access to certain specialized assets as the IKV Melota. They are also at the same critical juncture now where we were two Aprils ago. They are on the brink of becoming a substantial force with the capacity of "force projection". We very much look forward to intermingling minds and ideas.

We went out to dinner together on Saturday and exchanged concepts and ideas. They requested a Batleth template in order to manufacture their own weapons in time for the Deliverance Paintball and Batleth War. They are now in possession of a Batleth blank and the CD with all of the text and movie instructions on how to duplicate and prepare the weapons, as well as the whole Practice and Tournament information. And for us, the really good news is the "mens re" necessary to come down to the Deliverance Paintball and Batleth War.

We look forward to being able to demonstrate our form of Batleth competition, both practice and Tournament. The command and planning experience that we have developed to counter political issues is a knowledge that we hope that they are interested in absorbing by osmosis. Just simply having more klin show up to what is now becoming a very much regional event in West Arkansas is a thrill to no end.

Then Convention was good. Meeting fellow klin of like mind was the real trophy for this weekend.

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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