Quarks Casino and Auction, 2005

AER Quarks Casino and Auction      My AER shall be fairly short as I must rely on others. My parmachi and I had limited time to participate due to her having to sleep and go to work afterwards. We did get to stay long enough for most of the attendees to show. Thus we got to see the Great TangQa who drove down from Arkansas to make this USS Regulator (Starfleet Region III) event. To summarize our participation: We had the opportunity to meet TangQa's parmachi. We chatted with the great Starfleet guys that usually make our Batleth Tournaments. We got to see the goodies that were to be auctioned later. It was a very good table of goodies to try for. Separately, the USS Regulator had a door prize table of additional goodies. There was some really serious spagetti being served along with salads for the hungry. The proceeds go to the Charity of Choice of the USS Regulator. Two years ago, my parmachi and I attended Quarks and it was a well run event with blackjack tables, poker tables and other forms of gambling. Tonight, it looked on track to be just as great an evening. We had to leave as the gladatorial combat was taking place outside. I thus leave it to somebody who stayed to provide a really good AER.

Strength and Honor
Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer

Saturday, 1 October 2005

The Federation members of the U.S.S. Regulator again hosted a Quark's Night in order to raise funds for charity.

The Klingons of two different ships gathered to enjoy the gathering. To liven spirits we again provided "gladiatorial" games. This year a few members of the Starfleet Marines joined in the combat. As the judge cried "begin" several Klingons heard a familiar cry. We often hear it from the Federation during combat. So far the Klingon translators have not been able to decipher the word. We have assumed that it is the Starfleet Battle Cry.

Klingon warriors faced Starfleet Marines across the field of combat. The judge gave the order to fight and the now-familiar Starfleet Battle Cry "Mooooommmmmmmmmaaaaa" was heard again. One day we must learn the true meaning of "Momma". It must hold deep philosophical or religious meaning for them. They envoke this call so frequently.


Just kiddin'. I am proud to announce that the Starfleet Marines fought well. I had the honor of facing "Gunney" with a Bat'leth. He died well and should be proud. It is always an honor to fight a worthy oponent.

I am told that we raised over $400 dollars to aid a women's shelter. We all have reason to celebrate.

Lt. Cmdr. K'Mok

October 1st, 2005 was another Quark's casino and auction hosted bt the Federation ship USS Regulator. We as Klingons cannot let the Feddies have all the fun, so two ships worth of Klingons joined them. There was eating, gambling, combat, and of course the quadrant wide auction for charity. Dragen of course cleaned pretty much everybodies clocks at the auction, getting all that he aimed to get (And then some):Dragen also won a very nice fantasy knife and stand as a door prize. The gladitorial games were a major blast; especially the team event free-for-all (A glorious battle indeed). There was blackjack, regular poker, and Texas Hold-Em poker (What the difference I have no idea). It was fun, no harsh words were exchanged between ships, and I kicked but at the auction. Seriously though, a great time was had by all and for a very worthy cause. (BTW K'mok, momma in feddie means "I am so royally screwed.")


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