Our Second Paintball Outing

Report on Our Second Paintball Outing.

After Encounter Report for September 22nd

The weather was perfect for action. It was cooler and therefore more comfortable in gear. None of us suffered any mask fogging.

7 showed by the posted time and were playing. One was late and never found us. We wound up with 3 regular camos, 1 partial desert camo, and 3 black shirts. We were 2 semi-autos and 5 stock guns.

Captain3 pump gun night desert camo
Person2 pump gun standard camo BDU's
Dr. Gizmo semi standard camo BDU's
Salek semi partial desert camo
Hegh pump gun black Tshirt
Person1 pump gun black Tshirt
Laughing Dragon pump gun black Tshirt

An awkward situation that I face is that since I could SEE (no fogging), I did not rely on my hearing and mental movement plotting as I would have when blind. I was blind for 38 years until laser surgery so I normally use my other 5 senses heavily. Because I could see, I did not listen, plot, and track and I found out that after the day was over, I cannot remember much about our battles. Therefore this will be a short report.

We divided the two semis between two teams. 3 against 4. I truly don't remember much about this battle. I was taken out so early on. 4 of us were pursuing the 3. With the vaunted Dr. Gizmo on the receiving side it was very worrisome as we 4 fanned out to flush out one of the 3. Person2 and I divided the center of the bowl, our flankers went around the bowl edges. While in a 4 man skirmish line, I saw a camo head up in a perfect sniper position that would control a third of the bowl. I could not remember who was wearing what bandana so I thought he was on our team until he started sniping at me. At this point, Person1 and I started an artillery duel a extended paintball gun range. The fact that these are smoothbore muskets is what kept me alive. I watched 4 shots dead on that veered away with less than 10 feet to impact. I only fired once at him before the western flanker neutralized him while I remained in his acquisition. Person2 never was involved, but was near me waiting for us to move forward again. At some point, the eastern flanker engaged Dr. Gizmo. Hearing the semi revealed his position and identity. Person2 and I worked a line up to meet Dr. G. I saw my target engaging our flanker and shot once to have it splatter in the bush. My second shot was dead on but splatted again. Dr. Gizmo disengaged and phased out. That damn Jem Hadar technology of his is a bear to fight against. I shortly thereafter found him tracking the west flanker. Person2 was nearly between us, but still in the bush. With Person2 nearly masking him, I approached him from behind and called for his surrender. He rotated and shot me squarely in my ballistic vest. (No more Mr. Nice Guy. I'll shoot anybody's back from now on.) Dr. G returned to battery for the western flanker. Person2 stepped in and did what I SHOULD have done, and shot him from behind instead of offering him a bruiseless chance to surrender. At this point, I left the field and I do not know what occured afterward between the surviving 3 of our team and Captain3.

Experiment time. 5 pumps against the two semi's. My gear at this point does not allow me to go into the brush, therefore I must remain near and on the paths. So regrettably, I'm fairly easy to find. We opted to change directions in the bowl and head to new territory for this fight. Captain3 et al headed north, while we headed south. This gave Dr. Gizmo and I the ability to search for a place in the fresh territory without being observed. We chose a location whereby he could phase out in a depression that matched his camo. I chose a location on the pathway that my desert camo would blend with. My location was placed to cover Dr. Gizmo from an attack from behind. I was to have his back. I could cover two re-entrants and the major path from one location. Captain3 and Person1 encounted Dr. Gizmo and there was an exchange of fire with the result that Person1 took three rounds while going down. Captain3 escaped alive to attempt to circle to his back. Hegh attempted one of the re-entrants to reach Dr. Gizmo. My only shot bounced off his left clavicle and burst under his mask at his jaw. Ouch. I heard somebody circling but held my re-entrants since there had been another skirmish near Dr. Gizmo. I finally realized that I had company and Captain3 and I exchanged fire. He fired 3, I fired one. I was prone and rotated in my depressed area to use the re-entrant as a trench. Being prone, I survived the 3 balls that would have hit a standing target. I ran the trenchline back and forth in and out of my re-entrants looking for him or any of his team. We finally started a long range duel whereby we would attempt to pop out of the trees, fire, and return. We each kept having our balls splatter in the branches. He called for me to "stick it out again" and feeling cocky, I did one too many times. He had found a spot in the trees to shoot through and had registered my uncovered location. He shot me. (I was not doing very well in the thinking category that day.) After death, I found out that Person2 was about to flank me. They went on to find Dr. Gizmo and I heard a hail of fire. Again, I don't remember the actual results at that point.

Never again. Nope. This was stupid. We divided camo vs. non-camo. (I did not consider myself camo since I was wearing black pants.) The cammies went to bunker in the Verdun trenchline to the east. Bad move. They are camo'd. They are hard to see. And we let them bunker. They also had the thick clothes to move through the bush and we were limited to paths due to our light clothing. Obviously we are forced to remain in the paths, or run the trenches. It was a massacre in 4 part harmony. That's all there is to say about it. I was just glad that again I took a paintball hit in my armor instead of on skin.

I again ask all participants to add, correct and repost this AER.

We had a grand time. And thank you Dr. Gizmo for donating the CO2 and paintballs. You the Man!!!

Strength and Honor

Lt. Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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