Shootout in Bowie II

Arrived Friday PM, set camp, communed with spirits both teammates and liquid variety. Deployed a targeting and range finding hostage (Osama Pooh Laden) to an accessible tree for the next day. Breakfast and coffee, geared up, hit the trails approximately 9 AM. In no particular order, because I can't remember what order we did these:

Free for all hunkered down in a nice little covered spot with access to the open field and the trail feeding into it. Listened to the others kill each other for a while, and then spotted Monkey Boy trotting down the road. Monkey Boy survived my initial volley, and we settled into shooting routine where he bobbed and weaved like a jack- in-the-box on crack, while I laid in the shade and picked at him for a bit. The Arkie Matt shot my ass out from behind.

Hostage 5 people took Osama Pooh Laden out into the field to protect his worthless orange hide from the delta force commandos that were after him. The DF teams were assigned to kidnap and return Pooh- laden for interrogation, or snuff him if unable to capture. The Dirty Pooh-Laden bodyguards were devious little bastards, wrapping Pooh up in cammo and stashing him in a holler. They sent one guy out to die for the cause while the rest took up a heavily fortified bunker position with one man outside for cross fire. Captain3, Person1, Forrest Bump, and myself went out as one team, and took up positions. We made use of our hand signal training and cover protection as we searched the woods very effective, nice job. We found the nest of bunkered bastards and began trading fire, which caused the demise of Person1. Forrest Bump was low crawling through a ravine towards the bunker while Captain3 and I tried to get clear shots into their positions. Captain3 and Monkey Boy (hidden cross fire guy) took each other out, and the bunker shot me out. Forrest Bump followed up out pretty quick after that. My team escorted Monkey Boy back to base. Mutant Chicken Phuquer was it. We moved out and spread in a disorganized fashion and began to die. CP rallied his converts on a regular basis and they clustered together to make an ever-growing army of unholy mutant scum. I was attempting to approach the unwashed mutant rabble when I gave away my position and decided on a valiant retreat. I skidded into the fort and was greeted by Captain3's gun. After mutual loud confirmation of human status Forrest Bump joined us and we 3 noble humans took up a position to defend the fort. It was pretty impressive watching the mutant hoards converge on our position and spread out to attack they were hopping about and hooting and looked like something from a "Planet of the Apes" movie. Shooting started I took a hit and turned to Mutie Captain3 shot me point blank in the chest with no hesitation. Bastard. I tripped on the loose wood and went down. As I lay there watching paint fly overhead, I decided that I was right where I needed to be at that time. Forrest Bump was hit and Captain3 hauled ass. A nice mutie scum helped me up and I retired from the field.

Defend the fort half dozen went in, the rest were going to gangbang the Alamo. After a brief pause for some snake killing in the same place I was laying earlier we resumed the assault. Our team of 18 or so people split into three ragged teams and attempted to converge from various sides. Lots of shooting and pinned positions, scampering for cover, and an occasional death occurred. I ended up supporting Captain3 and Person1 till they were shot out. As the shooting died down and became sporadic, I entered the trees and headed for the fort, spotting Preacher facing away from me in his evil nun habit. Coming up behind him and in front of what I thought was an empty fort I prepared to eliminate Preacher, when he turned, spotted me and we traded fire. At the same time the fort opened up on my flank delivering some truly magnificent bleeding bruises glad I bought the neck guard - first day using it, first time hit in the jugular. Preacher and I also hit each other and we walked off the field together.

Duel In The Sun beer was starting and fatigue setting in so we began dueling with ten paces turn and fire, single shots. Some jams, some air-less guns, some dropped balls occurred, and remarkably enough, no one got shot. Damn balls would zing in and curve off at the last second. Shortening the paces to 5 didn't help any. A dozen duels, no one hit.

Assault On Osama Pooh-Laden The rat bastard showed his orange hide, so we took him out. See the video.

Evening, We communed with more spirits and relaxed. Broke camp the next morning, cleaned up, departed for the real world.

Ghost Walkers,
Rarely Seen, Always Felt.

Limited Input from the Vulcan target, in no particular order but I think in approximate sequence:

SitRep 1 - Free For All. I hunkered down in a nice dark covered hole and waited for some patsy to stroll by in the bright sunny open field. Whistle blew, patsy strolled, fire exchanged. I got hit in the crotch (thank God for the cup) and patsy didn't get touched. As I was walking out the patsy was assaulted by the Feringi in a clump of bushes. Same scenario, patsy miraculously missed and Feringi hit. The apparently bullet proof patsy who required no cover then joined us on our walk out with a jammed weapon. Total time - 2 minutes, honor of first casualty of the day belongs to myself.

SitRep 2 - Team Play. I hunkered in another dark hole watching the road and field waiting for patsies with a sniper behind me. I successfully drew and returned fire allowing the sniper to do his job while I walked out dripping paint off my head. 5 minutes waiting, 1 minute of gunplay. My one and only bruise of the day obtained from Chicken Phucker with his flatline.

SitRep 3 - Assassin Guild Scenario - walking the target. Surprisingly enough, my personal favorite. While escorting an alleged VIP, the escort team fell under fire and had to locate and flush 3 two man teams of snipers. We lost 3 of the original 6 protectors, bagging 5 of the 6 snipers. The protection team kept 2 to 3 men on the alleged VIP at all times with single and two man teams running forward and flanking actions. I maintained rear guard and radio contact with our front scout through the first fire fight that claimed Gizmo's assistant, Warrior1, but missed Gizmo. No shooting but lots of yelling on my part. Lost our forward scout (trench coat man), so radio coordination was lost. I participated in the locating flushing and eventual elimination of Salek, although I did not get the kill - just maintained pinning and location fire for the guy with the high dollar gun. I did locate and eliminate Person2 after the near blind Nausican strolled past him twice. Person2's gillie suit was very impressive, but apparently not quite right to a color blind Vulcan. Something behind the brush looked odd, and his movement was the give away - stay still next time Person2, and you might get away with it. Continued the game on flank and forward flush, missing out on the remainder of the shooting, but was pumped enough from the three previous encounters to be happy. Alleged VIP successfully walked past the snipers to safe ground. The Feringi and I were expecting a slaughter, but events turned out in our favor, and bragging rights do not go to the assassins guild this time. Unless letting your target live is something to brag about.

SitRep 4 - Predator. Rules were a bit rushed and somewhat unclear during this one, so the last few minutes were a bit confusing. My nephew and I spent the first 2/3 of the event stomping through bushes and creek beds way the hell back by the rear fence line with trench coat man while skinny butt Salek was way the hell up front converting people. By the time we joined the last few humans, it was a chaotic screaming running battle that ended for me when the Nausican beside me was turned and politely gave me the opportunity to surrender while Captain3 continued spraying my limited cover. While debating my options Captain3 caught my forearm and made the final decision for me. I finished the game watching the Nausican die by Gizmo and walking out with a group of former humans. We assumed Gizmo was the last human, but on the way out we were informed by the Feringi hunkered down in a hole that we were wrong.

SitRep 5 - Capture The Flag. Successful strategy, but I still died. Person1 and I took left assault and hustled forward to the Blue Teams position, slipping out into the open field. We elected to give away our position and force the three visible flag guards to deal with a multi front scenario. All three of the visible flag guards left their positions and took up chasing Person1 and I - bad form guys, leave some one at the flag. We split and drew fire, engaging in a high trajectory lobbing match while waiting for our team mates to come up from another direction. Unfortunately, while changing position and sliding into cover, a random lob hit me and I got to walk out. Person1 followed about 5 minutes later. I do not know the final outcome of the match as I had other obligations to attend too, initiating my departure.

An enjoyable time was had by myself and my family. Remarkably little post event, morning after pain and stiffness, and only one little bruise on the bicep. I didn't have to eat paint either, which is always a plus. My only regret is not being able to paint Person1 or the Nausican. Looking forward to the next event, and making tentative plans for an Arkansas trip.

Hope to shoot each of you some day. Some of you twice. Person1 more than that, just because of that hair thing he has.

Buroq of Vulcan


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