Batleth Tournament Spring 04

AER Spring 2004 Batleth Tournament

It was said to me that this was probably the best Tournament ever. There were no arguments in or out of the Ring, and no injuries. I don't even that that any egos got bruised. Everybody had a great time and things went as well as they could given that we had our Ceremonies rained out again. However, for being the 11th Tournament, 2 of 11 being rained on that seriously is still a pretty good record. Considering that we cannot schedule or plan the weather, that is darn good luck overall.
That luck included the good humor of an Arlingon Police Officer when Person2 was approached and asked about his disrupter that was in the front seat of his car. That will be his tale to tell...
The Ceremonies pretty much went to pot again. Rain causes us to have to withdraw all of the electrical equipment and there simply is not the room do do well choreographed Ceremonies under a tarp or in the garage. But we made do as best we could. Rather that doing the Ceremonies for an audience (which could not see anyway), we did them for the camera with breaks and staging. The Ceremonies video will be released before I start working on the Best of Batleth 4.0. The combat was glorious. We finished early. Maybe too early. In order to have noncombatant games, we cut out the Freestyle division. With the advent of permanent judges, that also sped up the process by having the permanent judges as well as the fact that three judges costs us three registered combatants. In sheer numbers, this was a record low registration that beat even the Spring 2002 Tournament. We had only 10 registered combatants. We finished with the combat portion of the Tournament by a little after 1400 or so and had too much time until the Ceremonies and Pinata. Perhaps, we can have Freestyle again if things keep going this smoothly. But we must get the registration back to our usual 16 or so. Various highlights of the Tournament:
Tangqa came down from Arkansas to fight with us once more. We certainly appreciate the presence of a representative of the IKV Deliverance. He also created a fabulous axe that if phenomenal to fight with and against. I had the opportunity to take my lirpa against the superaxe when challenged by Lord Captain3 during one of the challenge phases. It was so interesting that I asked for a rematch in a later challenge phase. With Person1 volunteering for Judge, and Person2 & Gizmo out on medical, they were our permanent judges. It was only minor miscommunication that prevented all three of them from having the same judge's uniform for the event. Person1 had to live up to his reputation and came with a Top Hat. Nice hat! Person2 and Person1 did the judge thing all out by arriving in black robes and barrister's wigs. That was truly funny as hell and they wore them for almost the entire Tournament in spite of the heat. For the noncombatant games, it was wonderful to see the attendance of that side of the Tournament. sQweeze was burying the hatchet like Daniel Boone anytime nobody was watching. But for score, stage fright must have set in. Others did varying degrees of good, bad, and run like hell. Later, the kids took over the area and were having fun shooting sucker arrows at a plastic target. Gypt'ro and Kamin did a fine job of running the noncombatant games. Thank you both for your efforts. The Pinata was a Borg Sphere. It was pretty well detailed and large enough for a serious payload. This was actually the largest (volume) pinata so far with the largest payload yet. Once again there were markers for heavy items that could not be in the pinata itself. Some really awesome edged glass plates, mugs and a pitcher were a few of the adult prizes. Side note, based upon experience, it is highly probable that the future pinatas will be for children only and the adult prizes may come through our new DoorPrize arrangement.
Did I mention Door Prizes?
With the acquisition of double tickets, we had drawings for Door Prizes of which House Salek, Captain3, Kamin, and Kmok were the known contributors. The tickets had an 18 year old age limit since many were bladed. Some were software. Kamin donated a hand carved replica of a late model disrupter. Of all of the odd luck, sQweeze won the mini daQtag that we contributed. There were many prizes and tons of fun with this new addition to the Tournament. Fooooood. Thanks Art once again for the cooking the critters. Much thanks to the cooks who volunteer their time and effort spent in cooking and preparing the food for everybody. Also, much thanks to the contributors to the pot. We had bread items leftover so much was brought.
We also enjoyed the presence of two new noncombatant guests. Jenny and her son Adam (29) arrived and are seriously considering joining our little bit of klindom. Adam very wisely chose to remain a spectator as opposed to entering the Ring at the Tournament.
We were setting up for the Ceremonies when we heard thunder and saw that dark cloud. At that point everybody was scrambling to tear down electronics, recover items that could not survive getting wet, and put tarps over everything. In a fit of coordinated effort the supertarp was hung over the Commons in record time. However, that tarp had just seen too many field exercises and even with the replacement grommets that I had applied the day before, it was falling apart as the rain hit. With the initial front coming down as a massive, hard blast, we ultimately declared "abandon ship" and headed for the safety of the underground garage. Once the cold and wet were cared for, we were entertained by Erin and Kasey singing for us. They sang Weird Al's "Ebay" and "Trashday" as well as an excerpt from "The Phantom of the Opera". Ceremonies... We set up for the Ceremonies with plenty of wiring and two videocamcorders. Were were really expecting to have the ability to do much better sound. Nope. We yanked everything before the storms hit. In the garage we managed to film the Ceremonies risking one camera in the lighter rain after the first rain front came through. As described earlier, we opted to make a "movie" with takes, and scenes for editing rather than a true flowing Ceremonies. It was raining too hard for the audience to want to stand out in the rain to see the Ceremonies themselves.
Win, Place and Show trophies were awarded as well as the 1st and 2nd Place Trophies for each combat event. Certificates were awarded for all other categories and items. A special award was presented to Kbubbles for her years as Kaptain of the IKV Melota. A special "Honor" award was awarded by QE4 for his chivalrous actions in a MeQleth bout. After the rain died to a minor sprinkle, we all returned to our respective camps for damage control and then headed down to the very wet bonfire stack to start it. Being totally wet, it took forever to start and more or less simmered well into darkness. sQweeze and Adam (guest) worked on it for a while and it became a nice roaring source of comfort that lasted well into the night.
Dinner was again served by the klingon kooking team and we started the fellowship that lasted until midnight. Lately, our Tournament parties have been winding down by midnight and this was another exception to our standard "party all night". But enough families had to get up very early to return home and/or go to work so that was the major push to an early bed time.
Morning saw the teardown of the Ring, the Commons and various camps. And for this House, the day was just beginning as our puQ'loD was celebrating his 9th birthday.

It was another wonderful Tournament and Campout.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

Well as Salek said here is the story! Firstly I stopped by the costume shop in Fort Worth to check on the wig I was going to need. I asked the costume dude about a Judges wig and he freaked telling me that it was weird; being rather confused he explained that another guy was renting one right then. The renter was Person1 and the crud had gotten the only judges-wig they had. We realised then that he had not called Gizmo as I thought and I had not called as he thought;so Gizmo was not called till that night ,our apologies Gizmo!!! Saturday I had the car loaded and only had to stop for gasoline and ice! At the gas station I filled the car up and pulled over to the front near the ice cooler. I went inside and paid for the ice and as I was getting the ice noticed a guy walk past my car and then walk over to an Arlington cop who had just gotten some coffee; they spoke a moment then as I walked over to my car the cop came toward me!!! The officer was real nice but I noticed he put his hand on his pistol, so I was a bit worried. The officer merely asked if it was my car and then asked if I had a gun in it! I was real confused now and then realised that my Disruptor was lying in the front seat on top of--- all the swords,2 x 6 foot spears and my dahktagh and a second knife;sooo I told the officer "not really no" which confused the cop! The officer asked me to open the door which I did. I explained that I was on my way to the Tournament and had all my props in the car. He picked up the disruptor told me how impressed he was with it and the other gear;my costume was hanging where he could see it and we spoke about the tournie and star trek and he wished me good luck and suggested that NEXT time I put the weapons in the trunk and that for now; I should cover them up so another GOOD CITIZEN did'nt freak out over what they thought was a machinegun and a possible terrorist. Well I may be a crazy Irish-american but I aint in the IRA so I hid the weapons and beat feet. So lesson learned PUT your weapon props to your costume in the trunk of your car or cover them up; JUST A HEADS UP. As to the tourney I had a blast even with the rain, I was in so close to the action trying to catch the hits that I got hit more than once including a clipped nose which was sore for a week. Damn I hope the photos come out and the videos!! KEEP YOUR WEAPON PROPS HIDDEN Strength and Honor 2nd Lt.Person2 vestai K'Iss "the terrorist"

Whew! Too much fun and sun. Sunburned and with sore muscles I limped home. I did get in trouble with my parmichi. I did not get home soon enough. So please, no more Mother's Day weekend tournaments. Other than that, great time.

The weekend was plagued with vehicle break-downs. I volunteered to pack and bring Lord Krell and K'lin's equipment. A great "HONOR" for me. Got to spend some quality time with Krell. My apologies to Ro'tok, for not knowing he was coming to help. I arrived at Krell's around 4 pm. We packed up the truck and waited for K'lin to arrive.

Upon leaving Lord Krell's keep, we attacked the I20 traffic. I really enjoy the easy pace of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. After stopping to eat, we met Qeloghwi and found out that K'mok was broke down just south of Denton. Transfered Gizmo's stuff to my truck so he could go get Denise and Adam's stuff. Man what a day. Arrived at K'Bubbles with plenty of daylight.

I was happy to bring a new item to the tournament. I hope Captain3 enjoys Iw' maS (Blood Moon) as much as I enjoyed building it. There were many comments on the battle axe. It seems I will have to make a few more for the next tourney. I can just see a new round of combat competition, Great Battle Axe. Got camp setup and socialized for the rest of the night.

Saturday dawned bright and warm. Breakfasted and geared up for the tourney. I am so glad I got the catcher's helmet with full face cage. I took a couple shots to the head. Man, I love the competition. Last time at bat'leth, I fought The Screaming Wall, I think I only scored 1 point. This time I had 2 1/2 to his 3. Next time I hope to improve and maybe I can take him.

The challenge round with Captain3 and Salek was fun to watch. The Vulcan Lirpa, and the Great Battle Axe was a fight to remember. Even the rematch was fun to watch. I hope George can render video of this. It would be great to see 'ragh charging George.

Mek'leth's was fun. I can't remember how many rounds I was in (3 I think). I only have clear memories of being in with Ka'min. I barely remember him dropping one of his Mek's and my quick decision to drop one of mine. I can't say if it was an ethical decision or not. I had an instinctive reaction to maintain the equity of the round. I did not display this with K'mok. I will have to remember this next time. I had a good time with Spike (James). The charge I made was fun. I did not get the same reaction like Captain3 did with George.

Throwing the knives and hatchet was fun and different. If anyone else noticed, it was pretty much enjoyed by all. Even the ladies got into it, as well as the spectators. I think these events need to be made a permanent fixture to the tournament. It may take a few more minutes between events, but the extra participation, and least imposing events allows for more fun to be had by all. I like the idea of the "Lawn Dart" competition. It is kind of like grenade practice.

The Da'tak rounds went too quick. Krell was injured during Mek's and was unable to compete in his favorite event. He did challenge me during a break (challenge period). It was an honor to fight him. I lost but gave a good account of myself. I am pleased with my performance. I think I did pretty good for being only my second time.

The playoff round with K'mok was too much fun. I am sorry to say that when I disarmed him for the second round of points, I did not show the same kind of "Honor" as I did with Ka'min. But, in my defense, Adam is too good an opponent to not take an advantage point. I had been defeated all too well last Fall. Plus, it was fun watching him back-pedal. I had a good time with James and Brian. I was laughing so hard with James in the ring with staffs that it was hard to even swing the $%^&^% thing. Brian and Jason were in the ring with their Katana's. So, for fun, I jumped the fence with my french tickler sword and charged them. Way too much fun. I think they will be good additions to the ships there. I hope to meet them in the ring next time.

The rest of the day went well except for the thunderstorm that rolled through. I wanted to just socialize too. The uniforms were way too hot (for MAY), and the setup and wait for the ceremonies was getting to me. But, it went well. I thing there will be some good video for it. Many good things were said. I was floored when Lord Krell gave me the Honor award. I would suggest that there be one added to the what you give out. It should be something determined by the judges on the field and the score keepers and camera people. This observation and acknowledgement of Honor on the field of battle would go a long way in fostering the ideals of the Klingon beliefs (Honor, Duty, Loyalty). As a matter of fact, you may want to setup commondations on duty and loyalty as well. It may be only a ship thing for these, but something the members can vote on, or be awarded by a ships council in recognition of services to the membership. Just a suggestion.

All in all, I had a great time. I am thankful for all the hospitality that the IKV Melota has shown me. For the life of me, I don't see how you can do as much as you do. It was a wonderful time.

Strength and Honor
tangqa' tai
X.O. IKV Deliverence
John Sides


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