Mark of the Empire

This is the Academy of the IKV Melota.
This is where you will find useful information on HOW TO to many of the things that we assume are regular processes for our ship.

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This is an award that started as a friendly joke, but has since taken on a life of its own and has become a legitimate recognition. It is now understood with the IKVs Melota and Deliverance to be a true award of unselfish Service and Valor.

The primary symbols are a modified Triskelfoil. It is modified by having a jewel to represent the value of the recipient. The tool below represents the Service to a specific person or family.

It started when my parmachai dug a tank trap of a hole in the back yard. I awoke one morning to find our poorly drained yard filling with water. As I attempted to move my 912 out of the back yard to safety, I sank the right rear tire into that tank trap. Here I sit with a Porsche up to its axles in muddy water and water leaking into the cabin. Hours more of rain was forecast so it could only get worse. I needed help with vehicle recovery and I needed it NOW. I called Captain3 at 0600 waking him up. He was in my back yard by 0615 and with his strength, experience and guidance, the 912 was in the front yard within an hour.
Knowing that he likes Makers Mark single malt whiskey (he must have some scot in him) I bought a bottle of Makers Mark and presented it to him at the Spring 2002 Tournament Ceremonies as the award that I made up called "Mark of the Empire".
By the next Spring Tournament, he and I both had had major crisis requiring help. We both gave out a "Mark of the Empire" to their recipients. In my case, the motor of the 912 blew on the way home from work and RotokQ (tequila this time) got out of bed to tow my Porsche home.

At this point, it has been awarded multiple times for outstanding Service and Valor. This is NOT, "I will help you move" effort or anything like that. Nothing planned could qualify for a MoE. MoE is for a real crisis that causes somebody to drop what they are doing, probably get out of bed even, and come save your ass.
At this point, you are about to suffer a major expense. You are about to lose your car. Your house and furniture are flooding. At tree fell on the house/car and you must remove it before additional damage can occur. A roof was damaged in a bad storm and more weather is coming. Nothing planned, but something that causes you to need help NOW or face a substantial monetary/property loss. That is what qualifies for a Mark of the Empire.

We of the IKV Melota submit this concept and award for use within your own ships. This award, by working definition, must be a personal award since it is given by the one who was saved from the loss. With this in mind, it must be given within a local area as opposed to a fleet or quadrant award.

Please feel free to use the concept. Make up your own pin/badge (and bottle) or use ours.

The printed/printable image as shown above is available from the IKV Melota for printing a Certificate. It may be snagged from this page with either a black or white background. Just take the image above for a black background or click here for a white background version.
The physical medal as presented is in all black with the background of the triskelfoil painted in gold. These are also available from the IKV Melota upon request if you should choose to recognize the concept of the Mark of the Empire and wish to obtain an OEM medal to present to the recipient.
Just keep it honest and serious. This is not a casual award. It is an award to recognize great Warriors that have saved your bacon from something very, very bad.

This is for Warriors that have proven themselves as those who will get out of bed, drop what they are doing, and come save somebody's butt. This is true Valor and Service to others.