Meeting, Bowling and Donations, 2007

After Encounter Report: Meeting, Bowling and Donations, 2007

The KAG vessel, IKV Melota decided to have a different kind of meeting. We met at a bowling alley so that after the "work" was done, we could have fun bowling. We also invited guests from Federation ships in the area. We certainly appreciate the great turnout for a bit of friendly competition from our local Federation forces.

We met at the AMF Lanes in Arlington and had a "speed meeting" in order to get to the fun.

The the "competition" began...

We had bowlers and attendee/hecklers of all ages. Likewise the skill level went from rank beginner to pretty targ-gone good. Kmok and Dr. Gizmo just tore up the folks on lanes 1 and 2. I wish that I knew what the scores were for lanes 3 and 4. Alas, I honestly don't so if you cleaned house, pat yourself on the back.

Part of this meeting was to make our presentation to the Safe Haven of Tarrant county. The $338 raised at the Ball along with the 325 pounds of hard goods were delivered and photos taken. We definitely appreciate the irony that the galaxy's brutal bad-asses support a Safe Haven for battered women. Some of our members have been in that sort of relationship and therefore understand the great importance of this institution and submit that other ships might consider supporting your local equivalent.

Strength and Honor

Cdr Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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