Deliverance Wars IV, 2006

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AER Deliverance Wars IV

Traditionally, my AERs reflected the combat and the outcomes of each battle as best that I could. This time, my AER shall reflect important changes and improvements. A background theme will be the weather.

This was the fourth in the Deliverance Wars series by the IKV Deliverance of west Arkansas. It was attended by the KAG ships IKV Deliverance, IKV Bayou Serpent and the IKV Melota. The strength and the bonds of the Cold Revenge Ships is increasing as we now see the IKV Bayou Serpent travelling to Arkansas. The Deliverance has a couple now committed to participating in Venom Wars III. Once this is done, the triangle shall be complete as the ships currently hosting interstate events of the Cold Revenge Quad become fully integrated into each other event hosting ship's major events. The bonds are more than just ships, they are personal as we find ourselves revelling in the Brotherhood of Klindom. The IKV Deliverance is getting stronger. Though TangQa was unable to even be in the United States for D4, his puQ'be and her parmachi served very strongly in the D3 and especially D4. Mark (TangQa's son in law) assisted the Chicken Plucker heavily in TangQa's absence and we of the IKV Melota certainly thank him for his efforts to help our friend who is still running a live business (farm) while hosting these events. Torsha of the IKV Bayou Serpent very much served as "mommy" taking some of the stress off of TangQa's puQ'be and Mark as she assisted in taking care of *their* puQ'be while the parents were busy. CF's mom cooked up chili and had a boatload of cookies and snackin's for the 1700 Saturday meal so that we could eat quickly and get back to the action. Mustang and Steel bonded with everybody and it was wonderful listening to Steel and Krell telling (literal) war stories about serving in the armed forces. Steel was a Panzer man, a type of which we have not had a chance to talk to before. Mustang had his share of stories and fought bravely with the DaQ'tag. Sir Duke and his son were the only "High Voltage" members (the local pro team) available from Arkansas. I salute and thank them for once again putting up a strong front for the mundanes.

I would like to say "thanks" to all who participated in Deliverance IV on behalf of the IKV Melota. It is participation of the crews who make these events become fun for everybody.

This event had the strongest klingon showing since 2003 with 4 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent showing for their first time. The IKV Melota placed 7 (plus a mundane). The Deliverance had 5 of their own present though TanQa was a little too far away to drive in in time so we all salute him in his absence knowing that he shall return home at some point and hopefully be available for the IKV Melota Batleth Tournament and / or Venom Wars III. D1 was effectively klingons versus humans as was D2. D3 we were a little light on klingons and had to recompile the groupings to support the combat. D4 was a little light on humans and again we had to recompile the groupings to support the combat. The underlying note here is that once again, klingons posted a great showing from 3 states for this event.

Now, it is time for information about the events themselves...

This event was intended to officially start about noon so that we would not be worn out before nightfall. Friday night had a rain squall just after the last of us crashed. During the morning the nearly everybody decided to go to the Village for a few battles to kill the wait time. I chose to remain with CF at camp to catch up on old times therefore others will need to fill in the particulars about these morning battles. We watched heavy rains around Russellville and other areas. Fun was had. That is the important point. Duke and Aaron (Duke's puQlod) arrived and were the only huuman representatives present. We divided up into teams and a series of three battles began. These were attacking the village. Neutral observers were in both towers (neutralizing the the Two Towers) for the first few battles. Rain was nowhere near us at this time. Later in the day, I asked Krell to bring Elvira into the village tower1 (Minas Tirith?) in order to gain more good video footage. Wearing orange, I put myself and the (armored) camera at risk to get this good video. The Arkansas humidity was playing hell with everybody's masks and I got some footage, but not what I really wanted. I did take one in the throat, one in the arm, and Duke put 4 in my right butt cheek trying to reach Krell in the tower before Krell was nailed with a between the eyes shot. My objective was to get some very good video footage of the "machine gun tower" even if Krell did not have a machine gun. I am hoping that it will eventually pan out to be good video. Then came the 1700 feed break as we saw rain at 2 compass points, but not near us. We eventually tried our first night battle with a Predator Rules game. Dr. Gizmo was sent out with CF's marker (of classified description). The Predator game was going well until a breeze changed the relative humity from bad to worse. Then suddenly, everydamnbody's mask fogged over in one instant. That caused many to drop out of the night battle and the few who remained had an interesting battle with Dr. Gizmo succuming to a barrel tap of "you are dead". That was the last game of the day as nobody could see. The humidity had gone to 1000% and the air was thicker than a linebacker's neck. That put an end to the games. Dammit. I would have brought Bloodwine had I known that the games were to end that early on Saturday. The Ceremonies had been scheduled for Sunday so I was not willing to bring it to Ceremonies that would take place before we all hit the pavement for home. But that obstructive breeze brought killer humidity that fogged everybody's mask and made the mere 75 degree day turn into a dripping, sweaty, mess.

We fellowshiped around the campsite and in the trailer with participants revolving between the two to avoid missing out on too much. The bonfire was lit and the occasional firework was set off. We all had a helluva great time talking, watcing the fire, and watching the lighting approach. When the next rain squall hit, those with parmachis went into their tents (except one couple)(and what were those others doing as a male/female pair stuck in a tent during the rain???), and the singles went into the trailer to continue the comraderie. After the rain squall, the rest of us eventually went back to the main area to continue the fun and stories. Mark did the "firefly" thing and was funny as all get out entertaining children and everybody as the cyalume firefly. Many stories were told and finally we all gave up and went to tent.

The bummer post-squall was that the wind shifted to an unusual (for Arkansas) direction. Now, our entire camp was downwind of the bonfire. Steel and Mustang had their tents planted where the wind should have gone. They managed to escape the smoke. The bulk of us in the "safe zone" found ourselves in the downwind of the bonfire and I noted smoke drifting lazily through my tent all night long. We shall all have to go through extra efforts to de-smoke our tents, sleeping bags, and clothing after spending more than 14 hours downwind of the bonfire after that last rain squall.

In the morning of Sun's Day, we found the 'tokQ's up early and warping out. RotokQ and KatokQ (along with their mundane niece) were warping out early to drive to Michigan. (19 hours, ouch) As the morning progressed others would pack up their tents and warp on out. By 1100, CF finally arose from the dead to find few left and thus the idea of Sunday Ceremonies did not quite work out. There were no Ceremonies at that point as not enough participants were left.

Discussed that morning was the idea of having some "construction" weekends during the year to improve and upgrade the village prior to D5. Also, it was considered to have a second "Shoot the Monkey" event relatively soon. "Shoot the Monkey" is officially a mundane paintball gathering allowing us to leave behind the extra klingon gear. Dates are being discussed as of this writing.

This event was truly a turning point in Cold Revenge Quad's history. It was also an anchor point from which these ships shall continue to build.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer

March 11,2005 4 members of the IKV Bayou Serpent including Lt Cmdr Ri'Par,Lt K'Allen,Lt Torsha and newest recruit Lance Corporal Sito Emony ventured for the first time to Arkansas for Deliverance 4.There was a great showing,in addition to the four of us was 5 members of the IKV Deliverance,7 members of the IKV Melota,2 ghostwalkers,and 2 mundanes in the battle,not to mention a few other mundane observers.We arrived a few hours before dusk and set up camp.The Melota members arrived not long after dark and after everyone was settled in we had our usual meet,greets,hugs,and headbuttings.After a bit of talking,several of us retired to our tents,tired from the drive and lack of sleep the night before due to our mundane jobs.During the night a large thunderstorm came through and gave my tent it's first weather test.It held up fine.The next morning began with a few warm up battles of "attack and defend" on the small town that had been constructed in the wooded playing area.I was quite impressed with this and had a great time both attacking and defending the village.After several games we took a break for lunch.Some ventured back out after lunch and others stayed back for other things such as trips into town.To say the area is off the beaten path is an understatement.A trip for alcohol took a good hour round trip.CF's mother provided us with a chili dinner for the evening meal which was quite good and then it was back to paintball.The first scheduled game was a "predator" game with Dr Gizmo of the Melota playing predator.Due to a sudden rise in humidity,many combatants's goggles became fogged to the point of not being able to see and several dropped out of the game.Anti-fog worked very well for the IKV bayou Serpent and all our shipmates remained in the game.Gizmo hid in a field with night vision goggles while all the rest of us had "here I am" glow necklaces on.Gizmo was spotted and several warriors made their approach to neutralize him.I saw the general area he had bunkered down in and walked right up on him,mistaking him for Steel of the Ghostwalkers.He fired at me but I wasn't hit so I returned fire,also missing him.Another exchange of fire from both of us and no kill.Just as we realized BOTH of our guns had jammed John of the IKV Deliverance "barrel tapped" Gizmo and ended our one night game since most of us couldn't see anyway.Everyone returned to camp for the bonfire,drinking,and fellowship that is trademark of all Melota/Deliverance/Bayou Serpent events.Much fun was had,new friends were made,and old friends renewed their bonds.Another shower came through but was short lived and did little to dampen the party.Slowly the groups went back to their bunks for a little rest after such a glorious day.Sunday morning was pretty much everyone trying to pack in the gale force winds that had been around for most of the weekend.Everyone said their goodbyes with more hugs,headbutts,and handshakes with promises to see each other again as soon as possible.I look forward to seeing some new faces at Venom Wars 3,the IKV Bayou Serpent's paintball war this October.

Lt Cmdr Ri'Par vestai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent commander


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