tIq'batlh's Recruitment Thesis, Part II

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In the spririt of common beliefs, common bonds, and the greater good, tIq'batlh sutaI Veska has granted us permission to post his most excellent Thesis series on our website. The unmodified text follows:

          In my last dissertation I ended, touching on publicity. In my opinion most of Klingdom does not give it the attention it deserves. We, as Klingons, do much for our selves, fellow Klin and society as a whole yet we fail to use a vehicle that will enrich and further our deeds. Below you will find a press release that the IKA Nightblood Armada sent out for the Feast of Q'tohmer 2002. Note that they provided the relevant information in the release and were clear and concise. It is unedited as well for a lesson as what not to do. We all make mistakes, we even look over an email before we post it and lo and behold, an error pops up. Always have at least three people look over a press release before sending it out for errors that take away from credibility and decrease your chance of publication. I will be providing some lessons on press releases in the Communications Officer's Forum. If your ship's Commo Officer is interested in increasing their ability or assisting others in doing so then they will find themselves welcome. Comm_Officers_Forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

From: "captainjinaq"
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 04:04:09 -0000
Posted To: KlingonFeastGuild@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Feast of Q'tohmer 2002 Press Release

          Greetings Fellow Feasters. There is a feast in So. Cal at the end of June. Here is a copy of the press release. The event is a fundraiser for underprividlged children so any & all help getting the word out will be appreciated. We would love to see a lot of warriors come out and help our kids! For Immediate Release

          Four local science fiction clubs are holding a fundraising event in June to benefit Inland Empire children's charities. The IKA Nightblood Armada, IFT Nathan Hale, IFT Ulysses and the USS Centurion are co-hosting the Feast of Q'tohmer 2002. The overnight event will include music, food, and entertainment based on the popular T.V series and movies of "Star Trek". All proceeds will go towards the charities adopted by these fan clubs: Santa Claus Inc. of Greater San Bernardino, Toys for Tots, The Living Desert and the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House. Last year the event raised over $500 that was divided among the charities. Activities included two weddings, a space version of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" original plays, and tons of food. Revelers stayed up by firelight and sang songs, told jokes and generally had a lot of fun.

          The event begins at 5p.m. June 29th and runs until sunrise June 30th. It will be held at Crossroads Riverview Park in corona. Ticket price includes: parking, event entry, a dinner buffet, a beer & wine bar, entertainment, and overnight dry campsites (gratuities for food & liquor service not included). Vendors, raffles and silent auctions will also be available during the event. Tickets are on sale now. For further information, call C. Eileen Duckett, Feast Co-coordinator at 909/658-8232 or e-mail at Jinaq@aol.com.

          If you can help spread the word, the IKA Nightblood Armada will be grateful. The more tickets we sell, the more kids we can help at the holiday season. thanx. Lady Jinaq, Q'tohmer 2002 Feast Co-Ordinator.

Okay now you have an event, you have sought publicity for it, now you need to make sure you have the tools you need when you are there meeting and greeting. Do you have business cards with your club's contact information? Do you have club brochures and/or flyers? Well you should make it SOP to go to no fan event or charity function without all of that for it is crucial if you are in recruitment mode. It is much better looking to give an inquisitive someone a business card with the club's logo and relevant information on it than to scribble something down on a napkin. It shows you are serious about what you do, that you are organized and might have something worthwhile to offer them.

While it is true that appearances can be deceiving it is also true that there are no second first impressions. Put your best foot forward. I remember once, at a meeting where there was not one but two prospective members in attendance I made a statement and my CO corrected me. And did so in a way that lead me to believe it was done to be spiteful rather than informative. So to test this theory I disagreed with the CO in a childish manner, you know, the old UNuh, and to my amusement I was responded to in kind, Uhha. I was in heaven and it went on for a few more rounds, I did not contain my glee. In my mind, I was vindicated. What I did not think about were the two guests that were sitting there as well. What did my vindication matter in view of what they just saw? I had some fun at the expense of my CO as well as my club. Needless to say they did not come back. LEAVE IT HOME. If you cannot leave it home, ask the person for a word alone, go off and SETLE IT. Disagreements do recruitment NO GOOD WHATSOEVER. Nor are they ever solved in the heat of the moment. Easier said than done you say, no for you are full grown and as such are supposed to be in control of yourself and responsible for your actions. You do not want to hurt your club over a difference of opinion.

          Another reason that Klingdom is so popular is, as a people, they have their shit together. What you do affects others. As an individual, your actions are a reflection of your House, Your Ship or Unit and the Empire as a whole. Meaning, you khest up, we ALL look bad. Does that make you your brothers' keeper? NO, it makes you your brothers' teacher. If you want to successfully recruit, do it by example. Anyone can find the words to temporarily sway someone in the direction you want but just talking the talk does not keep them. You must also walk the walk for posers cannot last the inspection. I cannot explain the feeling of recruiting someone based on your beliefs and actions over mere words alone. You must experience it firsthand. If you are a Wolf, you approach recruitment the same way you approach everything else, with gusto. Keep it clean, honest and sincere, you are almost there. I look forward to hearing about your individual successes.

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