you are formally notified


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As of now, you are formally notified, that any image/ document/ HTML or anything you currently have posted on the web or any server you personally control or own (To include yahoogroup/ web page or any other means, both electronic/ web based or other) that has my image or the name of my pseudonym (xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, 'xxxx or any other variant) or my real name (xxxx xxxxxxxx or any variant of same) is to be removed from your site. Also, any reference to the xxx xxxxxxxx is also to be removed for like reasons.

You have neither my verbal, nor written permission to use either.

You have 24 hours to comply with this or I will seek legal means to make this happen.

I will also do this for the Melota members on my end as well, with any site I own.

Due to the implied threat of a former Captain of the IKV Melota, this website has been massively re-organized.

The demonstrable practice of allowing ones self to be filmed for years at our events is very much irrevocable implied consent. Case law has determined such. However, I pulled the material because I don't have the time nor do I have the inclination to prove the legal point in court.

Thus, you, as viewers, KAG and klindom as a whole, and very specifically, the IKV's Deliverance and Bayou Serpent must suffer from the actions of another KAG member. Remember that this fellow alleges to be a fellow Star Trek fan and fellow KAG member. Some member... As klingon viewers, you simply lost out.

For the IKV Deliverance and IKV Bayou Serpent, these KAG ships lost the bulk of their online video presence as the IKV Melota was the only source of online video presence for these KAG ships.

Any complaints or comments should be directed to the source of the Cease & Desist Order.