AER: Artus Pass Binary Event, 1001.10


AER: Artus Pass Binary Event, 1001.10

The KAG vessel IKV Melota attended the biggest event of a new Amtgard Park recently. The event was billed as a Binary Event given that the planned date was on Stardate 1001.10.

Artus Pass is a new DFW Amtgard park. They are new and growing quickly even to the point that the very day of this event members were at a 7-11 in garb and picked up two new recruits that saw the outfits and asked about the outfits.

This was a well run event. There were the usual combat events as well as a darn good feed of home-made potato soup at the appropriate time. (Thanks to Eniad for the wonderful soup.) The equipment and plant assets were well coordinated as was the combat.

As a guest, I was allowed to assist as a time-keeper for the Sheriff of Artus Pass. (Thank you, Sutra.) I thank all of the members present for tolerating an off-worlder and for allowing me to do something useful.
The IKV Melota stresses the idea of inter-universe relationships and this was a good day to play.

Later, members of this park gathered the gonads to try Cold Revenge Quadrant heavy weapons. There was sparring with batleth, mekleth and daqs. Bruises were made as they are not used to real weight weapons. I appreciate those who had the 'nads to take the hits.

This event was a bit of short range Force Projection taking the klingon way of life to some Amtgard friends in the DFW area a little further from home.

I hope to attend some of the future Artus Pass events as this park grows.

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Senior Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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