AER AllCon, XXX 2009


AER AllCon, XXX 2009

Report by: Lt. Cmdr. Qel'ogh'wI vestai, IKV Melota

All-Con 2009 was a 3-day event. The IKV Melota was represented in attendance as well as service. This being my first experience with All-Con, I was not quite sure what to expect so I volunteered to work the Convention. I even talked K'Aos into volunteering as well (that ride-share thing). Our fist shifts did not start until later on Friday but we went early to "check it out". The overall theme of this Con seemed to be costuming - and there were some GREAT outfits! Friday, K'Aos dressed in TOS Klingon attire while was in my class-B sweatshirt. The first days schedule kept us pretty much stationary at doors to various events, ending at Midnight. Not much traffic that day (except for a brief spell around 5PM). We were there for about 14 hours.

Saturday was a MUCH busier day. I wore my STNG Klingon (complete with make-up). Before I started my first shift I attended a class on vacuum forming, mold and prop making. Very interesting... can't wait to try out the vacuum stuff. The Con had a fairly small dealers room but had 7 other rooms with various events and workshops. Saturday highlights were the costume contest that K'Aos was entered in, meeting the local Roller Derby queens, the Burlesque Show, Partying (later) with Aaron Douglas, seeing Peter Mayhew and James Hampton again and meeting Candace Kita. I refereed one session of Lazer-Tag, and saw lots of friends that have been to a lot of the other local cons. Art Contests, Costuming, Dioramas, Wigs, Corsets, Roller Derby demonstrations, short films... gosh, the list of events was long. There was always something going on.

And then came the hosted parties..... They didn't get going until about 1 am (Sunday) and I think I finally made it to our room about 6 am., oblivious to the fact that they were going to ask me to work on Sunday as well.

Sunday brought great pain! HANGOVER!!!! The day was very slow for all. Everyone seemed to be very tired from the previous nights/early morning festivities. I worked some Security (checking badges and such) while I tried to maintain some level of decorum. At then end of the Con, there was an "appreciation" dinner for the volunteers. We had a lot of fun with the antics of Aaron Douglas. We got free-bees and there was auctions items (really more like raffles). Calendars, T-Shirts, stuffed animals, CD, and other assorted trinkets were part of the stash I came away with. Can't wait to do this again next year!

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