AER: Batleth Interlude, Apr 2005


AER: Batleth Interlude

With property owners to break in, and a new property to work up, this was our first campout on our home turf in 7 years to occur on a new property. Due to the wind and the unfamilarity with the property, setup took a horrendous 4 hours for everybody to show up, set up, and get the commons area running. Plumbing was also a bit of a surprise problem so I found myself scrubbing the porcelein throne while Gizmo, et al. were setting up the commons. But this is all the price paid when trying a new property as opposed to one that has been being used for some 7 years. In all due probability, we shall return to the certainty and rote of Kbubble's property for our Fall Batleth Tournament.

Once tents were up, the commons was up, and the plumbing was working, we all kicked back for a shoot the breeze, laid back kind of day. Though this campout was more or less of in place of our traditional Spring Tournament, it was not a Tournament. We had no timetables and no cares to deal with so the pressure to perform and watch the clock was nill. Larry (landowner) got out his tractor and delivered a bunch of condemned pallets. Later, just as we were about to light the fire, a friend of his delivered cuttings from his own property so we had a huge honking bonfire as usual.

We sat under the commons tarp enjoying our imbibment along with the occasional sparring match to keep in practice. When the sun (and temperature) went down, we lit the bonfire and had a practice run of Ceremonies for our hosts and guests. Debbie and Larry's neighbors must be wondering about what was going on. The chants did not echo as they do at CF's, but they carried anyway. The Death Howl was wonderfully loud. "Martha, there's somethin' weird going on over at that young couple's place...."
We also gave them both a couple of tokens of appreciation. Dr. Gizmo handed them a resin DaQ pin and a pewter "Sword of Kahless" necklace.

Then we got serious with the Batleths by the bonfire while we had all of the guests gathered. We had the opportunity to demonstrate our version of Batleth with the bonfire as a backdrop. It was glorious.

Once fought out and fairly numbed, we all partied like it was 2399.

Morning came too early as usual. We broke camp, policed our areas and groveled home to check out TO&Es to find out what we were missing and what we had extra.

We proved that which we intended to prove. After our recent re-organization, we have the capacity to put on a full blown Tournament and we also have the draw to do it.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

First I must send a glorious and heartfelt Qa'Pla to the land owners who allowed our merry band of Klingon Brothers and Sisters to invade their property. They were most generous and gracious host! The site offers itself to the requirements we need to host a successful Batleth Tournament. I especially like the fact that the encampment can be placed far enough away from the gathering-social area, that anyone who wishes to retire early can do so and actually get some sleep. Being that it was our first time on this land I do feel that more planning needs to go into placement of the camp, tournament ring and commons area. I cite for example the distance of the bathroom to the camp and the many obstacles that would be hard to traverse at night. These minor obstacles can be easily remedied now that we have actually seen the land and layout.

Saturday nights festivities though informal were very entertaining and the combat exhibitions put on for our guest and the landowners were outstanding. I agree with Lord Krell Our Orion Slave Girl (Shelly) is a menace with the dak'tagh. It was so nice to see everyone having a good time and feeling so relaxed. As the blaze of the bonfire burned bright into the night sky I could feel the grip of fellowship and unity tighten the bonds amongst our crew. It was also nice to see K'bubbles and her parmachi not have to play host and actually get to enjoy themselves with no worries. To our brothers and sisters who were not able to attend this event know this you were ALL in our hearts and thoughts and you WERE missed!

On behalf of House Ka'Min, I want to thank Salek and his extended family for this possible alternate site, and I wish to Commend our Captain! Captain Qeloghwi AKA Gizmo, Thank you for all the hard work you ALWAYS do for the ship. You honor all of us in the Melota! My house and I truly appreciate what you do.

Katai Ka'Min
Lord of House Ka'Min

Lord Salek,

As much as I respect and admire you for your ever improving skill in the ring, I sure as **** wouldn't bite your ear or ANY other part of your anatomy! least not without a Lobotomy and a Tank Truck of Hydrogen Peroxide!

As far as the Ring goes.....I have to give First Blood to the Honorable RotokQ! After getting home I found a 7 inch horseshoe shaped scrape on the back of my right tricep. I have to say, that I believe this is the first time that I can remember RotokQ ever defeating me in Honorable Combat! To the Mighty RotokQ I say Qa'pla! A Victory well earned!

To the delightful Miss Shelly, My respect and admiration for her novice ability with a DaQ 'Tagh! Her Fight with Lord Salek was most enjoyable, and even though I would say that these ended in a Draw from my viewpoint, I have to give credit to both her and Lord Salek for some most enjoyable entertainment! Both took, as well as gave, most admirably in their bout. Klingon's.....I would warn all of you now....with the skill of both of these Warrior's, if you draw either of them in the Ring at the next Tournament, you will indeed have a fight on your hands!

As to the Campout itself.... other than drastically underestimating the cold temperature of Saturday night, it was a most Enjoyable time! I have to admit that came the Sunday morning light, I had the first Hangover I can remember in many years! As far as the cold went, certain parts of my anatomy clanked when I walked Sunday morning! I was certain they would freeze and fall off!

My utmost Thank's to the Land Owner's for their work and efforts in Hosting our Merry little Band og Marauder's, but I for one have to honestly say that K'Bubble's Keep will ALWAYS be Home to me. There is a Tradition there, that I would be very sad to see die away!

To the rest of my extended family I say Qa'Pla!, and that House BoSra' looks forward to seeing you all again soon!

Krell & K'Linn of Line BoSra'

Ka'Plah to our Hosts for a wonderful campout weekend.
Boo and Hiss to the spirits of the 4 winds who nearly blew away the commons tent as Gizmo & I were trying to put it up. A wonderful weekend was had by all with one complaint, we had an Orion Slave GIrl in our midst and round the fire not once did she dance!!! The Food was great the fire was spectacular. However somewhere did some marshmellow hijack my bonfire roasting fork! To all I wish to say Kat & I had a fabulous time and are anxiously awaiting september when we will see all of you again at tournament (She claims that she will take Mekleth but we'll have to see about that one.)

-RotokQ the soon to be "domesticated" Klingon


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