AER: Banner Wars, Okt 09

AER: Banner Wars, Okt 09

Even though we disagree on what a proper practice weapon is, the KAG vessel IKV Melota attended the latest installment of Amtgard's Banner Wars. I would like to thank Sir Gavvin and Osmodius for tolerating our presence in their campsite as well as being such wonderful hosts.

For any Warrior of any club/ship (SCA, Amtgard, KAG, Starfleet) within range, this is an excellent event to which to attend. The organization of the event is in the hands of the 'crats. Feastocrat, Warocrat, and two other 'crats of which Sir Gavvin shall beat in to me for not remembering*. As mentioned, well organized. Private land. BFE! This is a good place for a "Private Little War".

At our best, we may have managed to have some 60 participants of which 18 combatants was the record. Banner Wars pits armies against armies. Adding the non-combatants, this gets really big.
For this year, the economy and the rain must have really hurt the attendance. If I were to estimate and report about 150 attendees, this is not a pittance on last year. And, last year was supposedly a "down" year. I would still bill this as one of the biggest events with hundreds of Combatants in a normal economy type year. I truly look forward to a Banner Wars attendance after a year of a good Dow. There must really a true crapload of people attending.

The Feastocrat is responsible for feeding a metric buttload of Warriors and non-combatants. I was surprised to find out that there was a Saturday breakfast. I was not aware of it. I found out with my own stove going. Around fivish there is the evening Feast. With the Real World dietary requirements added in, this 'crat is doing a Grethor of a job. I must salute the Amtgard organization for their ability to pull off an event of this size.

Ths particular event came after a monsoon. The ground was soaked and even driving upon the roads was a potential disaster. Driving off of the roads was a near guaranteed disaster. After a while, they quit towing vehicles out of the mud and allowed them to become permanent residents on the theory that it was supposed to heat and dry Saturday and Sunday. Something went wrong. It did not hit the expected Saturday high. It also started a heavy mist on Saturday night. There was a light mist on Sunday morning. The weather reports did not allow us to prepare for the actuality.

Luckily, planning ahead, I brought the Luxocruiser to carry goods from Qonos1 to the camp site. Due to hauling stuff in a Radio Flyer wagon back and forth, it took 2.5 hours just to set up camp after parking. At least Qonos1 was parked and not sunk in the mud.
Likewise, for the wet weekend, the new item was the "Tavern" in Tanglewood, AKA the "TiT". There is now a roofed, walled place to be with firepits inside and out. This structure allowed a lot of soggy people to meet and sing together (bardic) while staying warm and dry.

There was some good batleth and pole work in the Wolf Pack camp on Saturday after the main Wars. On Sunday a wonderful feat of archery as a 12 year old young miss got tired of being hassled by a 15 year old fellow. Arrows started flying. She shot *through* the open door of her tent to nard the fellow on the back side. The tent had enough give and flex. He did not.

I should describe the Wars. After all, that is the purpose of the event. "Wow" does not do it justice. Teams of Warriors carrying all types of Terran arms. Pike lines. Archers. Maces. Javelins. Beaucou swords and shields.
This is on a scale that the QRQ cannot hope to touch.
Between the wagon hauls and the combat photography, my *feet* had hangovers. I was fine. But, my feet had bad hangovers.

I truly do hope to see Sir Gavvin, Osmodius and company at the next Deliverance Wars, the next Venom Wars, and of course, the next IKV Melota Batleth Tournament..

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Sore Feets

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