AER: KLingon Ball 2009

Personal Log: Klingon Ball 2009

Ship's Desdichado reporting for myself.

I and my lovely parmachi attended the 2009 IKV Melota Klingon Ball.

Squeeze assisted during the setup (and tear down). I managed to assist in the tear down.

The Ball was a great success with more slow dancing and less fast dancing than prior years. The outfits were awesome as usual. The regular food was great and plenty of it. The Culinary Contest had some really good entries.

After two foot surgeries and a broken bone (post surgeries), my dogs were barking very early into the night but I managed to have fun anyway.

Regrettably, the Binars did not attend. I shall be lobbying for them to attend next year.

The main cargo deck of Qo'nos1 was filled with donations for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County. (a Women's Shelter) We really had a lot of mass in donations.

We had a blast. We recommend that other Ships should consider this as an event.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Desdichado
An "Approved Brewmaster of the Klingon Empire"

Last night the IKV Melota hosted its annual Klingon Ball.
This is a charity event raising cash and supplies for the Tarrant County Women's Shelter.

It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Supplies were donated in piles that were stacked up by the front door on the way in. Ticket sales and an auction generated hundreds of dollars. (Totals have not yet been announced.)

Representatives from two Klingon ships and two Federation ships were joined by several independent fans and civilians. The crowd seemed larger than in years past. Judging by the dancing and singing I'd say that most everyone had a great time.

Instead of using a home-brew, a non-alcoholic rootbeer was used for the Bloodwine Ceremony.

Almost everyone was costumed in some way.
Fellowship, dancing, singing, food, drink, and music in the assistance of a worthy charity.

It was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

- K'Mok

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