Personal Log: Klingon Ball, Feb 2011


Personal Log: Klingon Ball, Feb 2011

After a year hiatus, I and my lovely parmachi enjoyed the festivities of another Klingon Ball. The Melota hosted the 2011 Klingon Ball in February because the community center's air conditioning could not keep up with the wattage produced by the participants during the summer.

Once again, many ships and clubs were represented as well as a few mundane guests that heard about the event at our convention recruiting table. My mind is fuzzy at this writing, however, I can recall the presence of members from both the USS Joshua and the USS Trinity River. The Techtards were honored guests. But, they were also using this as a working event for their purposes.

The usual contests occurred. There was the klingon kulinary contest with the weird foods. The costume contest was a blast again this year.

Due to a disaster that befell the first IKV Melota captain, the ship had a largess of Star Trek items for raffle, auction and door prizes. I dislike sounding as if a carny barker, but "everyone comes away a winner". There were real prizes for auction, Franklin mint items, original Tech Manual and other 70s stuff, and Squeeze's home grown awesome items.
This year, Squeeze brought to the table, an Okudagram table, two sets of leather pillows, and a table set. These commanded top latinum as well as the Franklin Mint items.

This year was one of those years with less dancing. Some years there is more. Some years there is less.

We still all had a lot of fun getting together with our science fiction fellow fans.

Bootnote: 695 pounds of hard goods were delivered to the Women's Shelter.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
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